How to Answer Part 2

January 24, 2020

Suffering from writer's block when you look at part 2 of our application? We got you! Here's a detailed description of what we're looking for in your response to each question.

First, some general guidelines:

  1. The more detail, the better. If you’re only writing a couple of sentences for each answer, you’re probably not going to get invited to the interview stage.
  2. Enthusiasm can replace experience. If you’ve already traveled the world solo for a year, and you’re halfway through a 100% online degree, that’s excellent! But it’s okay if you haven’t As long as you’re enthusiastic about our mission and the experience that you’re going to find on an Edumadic program then we want to hear from you. 
  3. Please be honest. We ask these questions for your sake as well as ours. If we don’t think you’re a good fit for our programs, it is in your interest that we know before you arrive on the other side of the world having paid a lot of money to join us. By that point there’s not a lot we can do.

Now onto the questions!

Why do you want to attend an Edumadic program?

Here we want to learn what you’re hoping to get out of the experience. There are hundreds of travel companies catering to people of your age, why us over any of the alternatives? Good responses go further than “Bali has been on my bucket list for a long time”. There are a million ways you could tick Bali off your list, what makes an Edumadic experience especially appealing, beyond the instagram pics you’ll get to make your friends jealous.

What do you intend to study / work on whilst you’re with us and why?

Facilitating the combination of online learning and world travel is how we’re going to impact the world, so it is vital that participants of our programs are working towards educational goals. Without this aspect of our programs, we are just another travel company. For our best Edumads, the educational aspect of our programs was a priority, with the travel aspect coming a close second. A perfect applicant already knows exactly what they want to study and through what channel. If the online learning required to be part of our programs is an afterthought, and really you just want to go traveling, there are more effective ways to do that than our programs. 

It’s okay if you don’t know exactly what you want to study yet, but it’s important that you’ve started to explore the options available to you. If you’re unsure what options there are, check out our education page for inspiration, or email us directly for guidance.

Tell us about any long-term travel experience you have.

In a perfect world, our participants have had some long-term travel experience before. Why? Because if you’ve traveled in this way in the past, then you know what to expect. Traveling for longer than a week or two brings new challenges that you’re not confronted with when you go on holiday with your family or friends. Long-term travel can be anything over 2 weeks, but really it’s the style of travel that is more important than the total days away from home.

We know that for the vast majority, long term travel hasn’t been possible in their life up to this point. That’s totally fine! With this question, we’re trying to predict whether you’re going to enjoy this style of travel. It’s a disaster for both us and you if after a week on a program you’re terribly homesick and you’re spending all day in your room talking to friends and family. 

If you don’t have any long-term travel experience, are there other experiences that make you confident that you’re going to enjoy being out of your comfort zone for so long? Are there experiences in your own country that have kept you away from friends and family for extended periods of time? Did you enjoy those experiences?

What is your proudest achievement, and what did you learn from it?

Here we want to learn about your values and get an insight into your character. Have you had any challenges in your life that have shaped you as a person? Have you pushed yourself to achieve something? It’s really interesting for us to see what achievements you take pride in, as this is a very individual thing. For some people it’s running a marathon, other’s it might be getting accepted into an elite school. It might even be caring for a loved one.

How do you spend your days?

We want to know what your life looks like at the moment. In the age range of our participant’s this can vary quite dramatically. This isn’t really important in terms of your suitability for the program, only because your situation may dictate how easy it is for you to join a program. For example, if you are employed full time it may be hard for you to leave for 6 weeks and still have a job upon return. Or if you’re attending a physical college and don’t want to miss a semester on-campus, you’ll only be able to join us over the summer. 

We’d also like to know a little about what you do outside of your main “thing”. What do you do for fun? How do you socialize? Do you like to be active?

There you have it! If you've still got specific questions about part 2 or any other aspect of the application process you can always contact the admissions team at