Fermin's day in Koh Phangan

October 17, 2017

6 — 7am Morning Prep:

I usually wake up and go through my morning routine: a 10–30 minute meditation session, a little bit of movement — like a walk or some stretching — to get the blood flowing, and then I plan my day, prioritizing at least 3 objectives to complete and anything else that I should keep on my mental radar.

7 — 11am Time for action:

I find that I’m most efficient in the morning, so I get most of my work done during this time, leaving my afternoons open for fun and relaxation. This is when I check/answer emails and set up video call meetings with business partners to work on our ongoing projects. Some days I fill this time with research, brainstorming, or some recreational reading to keep the mind working. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I have to take a lot of initiative to stay ahead of the curve!

11am — 12:30pm Balance:

I take a mental break around this time to get some fresh air; I either get in a workout right in my villa or at the outdoor gym in the city center of Thong Sala. Afterwards I’ll run some errands and grab lunch at the local outdoor market.

12:30 — 1:30pm Creative flow:

Time to kick back and listen to some of my favorite jams while I write poetry or work on sketching. I find both to be great forms of self-expression and I’m still getting into the habit of practicing!

1:30 — 6pm Exploration and enrichment:

This is when I love to be spontaneous; some days I learn German on my own or with the tutoring of a fellow Edumad in exchange for tutoring them in Spanish. Other days I explore the island on my scooter to see what the locals are up to. This actually led me to have a 3-day encounter with some local Buddhist monks where I got to spend time exchanging philosophies. Every day is different!

6 — 10pm Relaxing or socializing:

I’ll join a few of the other Edumads for dinner either at the market or one of the many restaurants if we’re feeling fancy. We tend to head home and hang on our porches, or I’ll prop myself up on my hammock and swing the night away with some music and reflect on the experiences of the day.