Erin's day in Koh Phangan

Erin P
October 10, 2017

7 — 8am Morning meditation:

I love waking up early and meditating for about half an hour. I then do a quick yoga flow in my bungalow. This always prepares my mind for a productive day and puts me in such a content state. Then I toss my books in my bag and drive down the winding island roads to a local cafe to meet up with friends and start some work.

8:30 — 11:30am Time to get productive:

There are a myriad of adorable coffee shops that are close by and affordable, so I switch up the location often. I am most productive in the mornings, so I am very much in my element sipping on some tea and tapping away at my keyboard in these little shops. I am currently building a client base for freelance writing and working on short stories and essays. I am also an artist and spend time listing and advertising my prints online.

12 — 2pm Lunch amongst the locals:

By this time of the day, I am ready for lunch and jump on my scooter and head to the market. I love the energy from the packed food stalls and you can always get a lot of food for very cheap (less than $2 a meal!). I love trying a new dish every time I go, but I always get an ice cold smoothie for dessert.

2 — 5pm Language class:

After lunch, head to breeze bay for a little language class. Two other Edumads and I work together to teach and learn language. I teach them German, and they teach me Spanish. After our class, we chill outside in the hammocks and just talk the afternoon away. Before you know it we are all crammed on one porch talking and joking and enjoying one another's company.

5–10pm Relaxing with a sketch pad or book:

The work is done for the day, so I find a beach to sketch at and watch the sunset. Sometimes I find a restaurant, or seek air conditioning in a quiet space to get lost in my artwork. Sometimes I read. Other evenings we go out as a group. Eventually, I scooter my way back to my bungalow for a good night’s sleep to continue the nomadic life tomorrow.