Chris' day in Chiang Mai

February 22, 2017

8–9:30am Early morning gym session:

I’m definitely a morning person, and I love waking up and getting some lifting and cardio in before doing anything else. I’m thankful that there’s a lot of gyms nearby used by both locals and expats!

10–11:30am Grab a late breakfast, usually khao soi:

By the time I’m finished at the gym, I’m usually super hungry. My favorite meal for brunch is khao soi, a Chiang Mai specialty that you can find on almost every street corner. The dish is a rich coconut based broth with egg noodles, meat, and some pickled vegetables. There’s nothing like some post-workout khao soi!

12–4pm Arrive at a study space and get some work done:

I get a lot of work done in the middle of the day. Fortunately Chiang Mai is full of neat study spaces, cute coffee shops, and co-working spaces full of digital nomads. I spend my time on a few things: mentoring students on an online design academy, practicing front-end development, and doing lots of reading (currently reading: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson)

4–6pm Go for a walk around the old town:

I love spending a couple hours a day doing nothing but walking. In the old town, there’s always neat stores, restaurants, and cafés to check out. My favorite part of these walks is avoiding the throngs of tourists by going down small side streets without any sense of direction. I usually come across something new everyday.  

6–8pm Head back to my room for a siesta:

I’m pretty pooped by the afternoon, and because its so hot outside around then, I head back to my room and rest up before heading out for the evening. You can usually catch me taking a much-needed nap, watching some TV, or reading a book.  

8–11pm Explore the city and hang out with other Edumads:

The evening is my favorite part of the day in Chiang Mai. Each evening, the city comes alive with night markets and food vendors at different places spread throughout the city. You can usually find me hunting down new street food I have yet to try. Later in the evening, I’ll be hanging out with the other Edumads — there’s always something to do, whether it’s competing in trivia night at the local bar or visiting a night market on the other side of town.