Agravante's day in Chiang Mai

October 24, 2017

10am — 12pm Morning ritual:

I wake up around 10 and hang out in my bed catching up on social media and with friends, read the news, etc. Normally one of my partners in crime from the group comes knocking to commence my day. I quickly slap on some eyebrows, maybe some luscious lashes, and join in on whatever trouble they plan to get into that day.

12 — 6pm Getting into trouble:

Earlier this week it was tattoos, today it was frolicking in a forest, who knows what it will be tomorrow. There are so many new things to see and experience in our new home! At some point I try to hit the gym for a sweaty 45 minute workout. It’s surprising if I manage to eat during the day (I pull late nights), so I usually grab something quick from a street food stall at some point between activities.

6 — 8pm Off to work:

I normally make a pit stop at my room by 6 to pick up my laptop and make my way to the Maya Mall. I’ll browse the shops for an hour or so before I make my way to the food market to grab some nachos after which I head to C.A.M.P. — the co-working space at the mall. I try to be online during Eastern Standard Time work hours so that I have easy access to my office and colleagues back home.

8pm — 2am All nighter

I basically live at C.A.M.P. pumping out work, a few pages of whatever I’m currently reading, watch a good movie, and eat one (most likely two) plates of fries and their delicious peach tea. The late night walk back home is pretty relaxing compared to the crazy day. After I’m in my pajamas I’ll try to squeeze in a bit more reading and then it’s lights out by around 2am.