Credit Provider

This is the institution that your transcript will be from upon passing the course.

All our partner universities are regionally accredited, which means the credits earned from them are widely transferable throughout universities in the US.

Your transcript will have no mention of Edumadic, or any other institution on it, other than the credit provider. The course will appear on the transcript in the exact same way as it does for students enrolled in that university.

For some of our courses, the course provider and credit provider are different. The course provider built the course and teaches it, but the credits still come from the credit provider. In this case it still remains that only the credit provider will be stated on the transcript that you receive upon passing the course.



This is the cost of enrolling in this course.

Anybody is allowed to enroll in our courses at any time. However, if courses are taken while attending an Edumadic program, the effective cost is reduced.


Edumad Cost

This is the cost of enrolling in this course for participants of our programs.

In some cases we do allow Edumads to enrol in courses in advance of attending a program, at the Edumad cost.

Why the two different prices? We simply want to encourage people to combine online learning with world travel, and are willing to put our money where our mouth is!


Course Type

There are two types of courses that we list in our course catalog:

Fixed Schedule

These courses have fixed start and end dates. They also typically require some level of activity within the class on a regular basis, which can be anything from logging into the class every other day, or contributing in class discussion. They also have fixed deadlines for assignments, often at the end of each week.


These courses are 100% self-paced, which means they have no time sensitive commitments for enrolled students, apart from a window within which the course needs to be completed. This window is typically 6 months from the date of enrolment.

Western Civilization I






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Edumad Cost: