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The City of Eternal Spring's turbulent past as the stomping grounds of Pablo Escobar are now a distant memory. Medellin has flourished since then, and is the prominent hotspot for Digital Nomads in South America. It was actually recently voted the most innovative city in the world! Explore the surrounding hills, learn to Salsa, or simply immerse yourself in the vibrant Columbian culture through the city's many festivals, there seems to be one every week!


A scenic 2 hour bus ride west from Medellin will bring you to the lake-side escape of Guatape, Colombias most colourful and photogenic town. It's a must visit on any Latin American itinerary that touches Medellin, and it's easy to see why!

The town boasts the "best view in the world" from a rocky outcrop that leers over the surrounding lakes. You can float around the lakes for a few hours on a kayak, or take it up a notch and jump on a jetski. Finish off the day by meandering through the houses smothered in bright paint and Zocalos and tasting the local street food.

Comuna 13

One of Medellin’s poorest neighborhoods is home to the best street art in the city. Created by local artists, they pride themselves on their art that brings flocks of tourists every day. Walking through the streets of Comuna 13, it is surprising to see so many people exploring, that said, the residents love it as it signals that their home has become an area worth visiting, something it certainly was not in the Escobar era.

Valle de Cocora

Take the weekend away in charming Salento, a tiny town nestled in rural Colombia. It's a hub for coffee production but is most famous for its proximity to Cocora Valley. Hikes through the valley will take you amongst the tallest palm trees in the world, as well as breathtaking views of rural Colombia.

Indulge in the Culture

Colombia has a rich culture that can be soaked up in Medellin with ease. Loosen up your hips with nights of Salsa. Experience the Colombian religion of soccer at one of the local teams stadiums. Improve your Spanish on the streets or in the classroom. And gorge on Colombian cuisine of arepas on the daily. Do it all fuelled by the country's delicious and home grown coffee.

Caribbean Coast

Is the beach calling you?

No worries, Colombia has a caribbean coastline only a few hours away by air. First, head to Cartagena to catch a climpse of Colombias colonial past, feel the Caribbean sand under your feet, and feel the heat in the city's legendary salsa clubs.

Then, head to the Rosario Islands for some castaway-style scenes, crystal clear water, and fresh seafood BBQs.

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