Koh Phangan

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We’re sure you’ve heard of this tropical island’s most famous attraction, the Full Moon Party. A stop on all South East Asia backpacking circuits, this mother of all parties can draw over 30,000 people in peak season. Most stay for just a few days, not venturing far from Haad Rin. Stay a little longer and you’ll find the type of island you’ve seen in the movies. Covered in waterfall infested jungles, and surrounded by dozens of pristine beaches, you’ll have the opportunity to experience real #islandlife. Apart from the obvious attraction of the full moon party, Koh Phangan and its neighboring islands have plenty to keep you busy. You’ll find yoga studios where you can practice your downward dog, and treks through the jungle to refreshing waterfalls and panoramic vistas. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can head over to Koh Tao, known as one of the cheapest places in the world to become a PADI certified scuba diver.

Explore the Island

Koh Phangan is scattered with waterfalls and stunning hilltop viewpoints. Head out early to avoid the heat. Clamber through deep jungle passes, and you’ll be suitably rewarded with a breathtaking view or a cool plunge pool at the foot of a cascading waterfall.

It is also full of quirky activities to keep you busy. Spend the day jumping around a waterborn assault course, paddleboarding around a bay, kayaking to a secluded beach, playing mini-golf, the possibilities are endless!

Full Moon Party

Obviously we have to mention the world famous Full Moon Party, a right of passage for all travellers to South East Asia.

Up to 30,000 people descend on the small town of Haad Rin each month to indulge in the pure hedonism that ensues. More UV paint than you’ve ever seen, suspiciously cheap buckets of alcohol, fire dancers that will make your jaw drop, and ravers from every corner of the globe. There are parties all week in the lead up to the main event, and if you survive them, you’ll be in for a long night. The music doesn’t stop until noon the following day!

Koh Tao

Koh Tao is an island just an hour away by ferry. Above the waves there isn’t anything too remarkable about Koh Tao, you could describe it as a smaller Koh Phangan. But beneath the waves, oh my!

There is a huge concentration of quality dive sites surrounding the island which has attracted over 50 dive schools to the island. This has made Koh Tao one of the cheapest places in the world to become a PADI certified scuba diver. So if you’ve ever considered scuba diving, this is the place to get your feet wet!

Embrace Yogi Life

Koh Phangan has a huge yogi and ‘conscious’ community and many travellers visit the island for the sole purpose of attending one of the many yoga retreats offered on the island. As a result there are yoga shalas and schools on every corner, particularly on the west side of the island where we live.

There are many complementary services to the yogi population ranging from vegan eats, to reiki healers, and even vipassana retreats. If you've ever wondered if there's a yogi inside of you trying to come out, you'll find out here!

Sail through Ang Thong

Spend a day exploring Ang Thong Marine Park. Float through beautiful archipelagos, snorkel in crystal clear water, and discover hidden caves, hikes, and lakes throughout the almost uninhabited national park.

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