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Where better to spend 6 weeks than relaxing on the tranquil island of Koh Lanta. For many years this tropical paradise has remained known and visited by only the most languid travellers. Although gaining in popularity, it still remains the stereotypical hippie haven where life rolls along at a snail’s pace. Expect most evenings to be spent watching the sunset on Long Beach, most mornings practicing your downward dog and time in-between scuba diving, hiking, and generally gallivanting around this monument to a less commercialised Southern Thailand.

Tour the Archipelago

There are over 50 islands in the Koh Lanta Archipelago. There’s no better way to explore them than by hiring a Thai Longtail boat for the day. Explore hidden coves, snorkel around pristine bays, and have lunch on an untouched beach. Don’t forget your sunscreen though!

Marvel at the Sunsets

For the month in Koh Lanta you’ll be lucky enough to live a short stroll away from the west coast of the island. It’ll become a ritual every evening to amble down to the beach and reflect on life while marvelling at the beautiful show put on by the sun day after day.

Explore the Island

Koh Lanta is a great place to rent a scooter. It’s quite a large island so having your own scooter makes it easy to explore. With next to no traffic, it’s one of the safer islands to whizz around in the region. There are dozens of secluded beaches to explore, caves to get lost in, and also a National Park with some challenging hikes to take on and waterfalls to admire.

Hop over to Penang

If you're feeling extra adventurous, take the looong journey to Penang, across the border in Malaysia. Either 9 hours on ferries, or something similar in minivans will get you there. But Penang offers you a change of pace from the languid Koh Lanta vibes.

Malaysia is an extremely multicultural country, a real melting pot of Asia. Penang showcases this excellently, as well as the British influence from the colonial days. If there's a more thrilling cocktail of Eastern cultures than in Penang, we've yet to find it!

Are you for Scuba?

Although Koh Lanta isn’t the premier destination in Thailand for diving, it still has some spectacular dive sites that are well worth exploring. The island is home to a number of dive shops that offer recreational dives for the experienced diver and courses for novices to gain their PADI certifications. Fortunately for us the diving conditions happen to be the best when we visit!

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