What's Included



95% of accommodation provided will be private rooms. We have found from our own experience that having your own space to recharge is extremely important when studying whilst on the road. Rooms will be basic, but clean and comfortable, and in a central location within walking distance of our study spaces.

Why not 100%? When travelling between countries and destinations, there may be occasions that require us to stay in hostels overnight, such as waiting for a connecting flight or train. 


Study Space:

We make sure you have access to a quiet place to work and study from. These spaces are always geared towards quiet concentration and productivity, and will have fast and reliable internet.


All travel between destinations:

Specifically our fees include transfers to our initial accommodation and for 12 week programs, all travel required between different locations.


A community of like minded individuals:

The application process to be accepted into our programs is rigorous. Ensuring that each and every member of our programs contributes positively to the group dynamic is our highest priority. As a result, by the end of each program you'll have a network of ambitious, interesting, and inspiring people that you will call some of your closest friends.


Organising community trips and events:

The Edumadic team will be on hand to organise trips, day excursions, activities and any events that the community desire through the 12 weeks. Although the cost of these is not included in the price quoted, the assistance we provide in organising them is.

Volunteering Opportunities:

In each destination you will have the opportunity to volunteer in the local environment and give back to the community that hosts us.

24/7 Support:

We travel as part of the community for the entire program. Meaning we're on hand to assist with anything and everything that you need help with. Whether it's a trip to the doctor, a lost bank card, or simply someone to talk to, we've got you!

Language crash course:

In each new country we organise “survival” language courses so you can make yourself understood when it matters. English comprehension in all our locations is widespread, but a little knowledge of the language goes a long way and is much appreciated by the locals.

Location Guides and Maps:

We provide you with our own personalised maps and location guides with information collated from all our past programs as well as our own personal exploration.

What's not Included


All costs associated with a program not listed above are not covered by the program fees. These include:

  • Visas

  • Travel Insurance

  • All food, drink and entertainment costs

  • Your travel to the first destination and from the last

Securing your Place



Variable, dependent on the program you apply to. Due upon successful application to secure your place on a program. This is deducted from your chosen program's fees.


Program Fees:

Paid in three instalments, in advance of arriving in each new destination. Total fees for each program varies. See our Itineraries page for details.

Any Questions?

If anything is unclear, or you have any questions relating to the above, please don't hesitate to contact us or reach out using any of the social media links below.