How it Works

Journey of an Edumad

Program Selection

Program Selection


  • Programs run for 6 weeks in one location each, and are available throughout the year.
  • Our schedule is organized by semesters, which are then split into early and late sessions.
  • On occasion, we do run programs outside of the dates below.


start date range:
4th - 8th January
start date range:
22nd - 26th February


start date range:
18th - 22nd May
start date range:
1st - 7th July


start date range:
7th - 11th September
start date range:
22nd - 28th October


  • Locations are carefully vetted to ensure their ability to host a successful Edumadic program.
  • Program fees vary depending on location.
  • Locations are available at different times of the year, often in more than one session.
  • Session availability is decided accounting for seasonality and popularity





Costa Rica

Latin America


More Locations



Application Process

Part 1: Introduction

A few quick questions that allow us to know who you are. 1 minute to complete.

Part 2: Why Edumadic?

Longer form questions to measure whether our programs are a good fit for you, and vice versa. The more information you can give in these answers the better evaluation we can make. 2 hours to complete.

Part 3: Final round interview

A 30 minute video call with a member of the team. We will ask questions related to your responses in parts 1 and 2, and you will have the opportunity to ask any final questions about the program.

Securing Your Place

Program Deposit: $600

A deposit is required to reserve your place on each program you choose to attend, and is subtracted from the program fees.

Join the Program

Join the program


We will provide in depth support on what and how you need to prepare for the program in the lead up to its start, including information regarding:

  • Payment of remaining fees (due 8 weeks before departure)
  • Flight booking
  • Visas (if required)
  • Travel insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Location guide
  • Packing lists
  • Meeting the community (FB group)

What's Included

Accommodation & Study Space

We believe it's vitally important for each Edumad to have their own space, which means all participants have a private room for the entire program.

The exact type of accommodation varies between locations, depending on the style found in that part of the world. In a city it might be a shared house or apartment. On an island, a bungalow or villa. Whatever the location, we strive to ensure the entire group is in the same property, and where that's not possible you'll be sharing with at least three other Edumads, and will be a short walk from the others.

Study spaces will either be within the accommodation itself, or in a dedicated space (ie. a coworking space) within walking distance.


You'll be living, learning and exploring alongside a handpicked group of like-minded individuals.

Like you, they too were looking for something a little different when they came across Edumadic, uninspired by conventional approaches to education and travel. And like you, they were brave enough to step off the beaten path and try something new.

Most Edumads are 19-24 years old, with an average age of 21. Most are from North America, but not all. And we accept applications from all over the world.

24/7 in person support

Our Program Coordinators live alongside participants for the duration of the program. They are available 24 hours a day to assist in any situation.

Beyond the Coordinators themselves, Edumadic has an extensive support network of local suppliers, agents, and advisors in each location, accumulated from both previous time on programs in that region and the personal travel experiences of all Edumadic staff.

Location guides & maps

We provide you with our own personalised maps and location guides with information collated from all our past programs as well as our own personal exploration.

We also provide a briefing on arrival in each new location, sharing with you the most important information, particularly around safety and navigating your new home.

Organization of trips and events

The Edumadic team are on hand to organise various trips and events throughout the program.

Typically this means daily activities in the area that we live, weekly day trips to tourist hotspots, and bi-weekly overnight excursions to exciting sights and experiences that are a bit further afield.

The organisation of these is included in the program fees, but the attendance of them isn't. Why? Because we'd much rather leave the decision up to you to pick and choose which activities you're most interested in rather than force you to pay for ones that may not be appealing to you.

Volunteering Opportunities

In each destination you will have the opportunity to volunteer in the local environment and giveback to the community that hosts our programs.

The opportunities vary depending on the location and season, but most often they involve animal welfare, the environment, and teaching english.

Language crash course

In each new country we organise “survival” language courses so you can make yourself understood when it matters. English comprehension in all our locations is widespread, but a little knowledge of the language is much  appreciated by the locals!

A life changing experience

If you believe our past Edumads, joining one of our programs is probably going to change your life!

What's not Included


Your initial flight from your home to the start of the program, and from the end of the program back home, are not included in the program fees.

We offer flight booking support upon request, and can assist in planning transfers between back to back programs.

A member of the program team will meet you at the airport and chaperone you to our accommodation for the program

Spending Money

Participants need to bring money to cover their living costs on the program.

Weekly living costs are listed on each location's page. It includes allowance for food, drink, entertainment and all typical activities and excursions that are enjoyed in that location.

Travel Insurance

All our participants are required to acquire appropriate travel insurance for the duration of programs they attend.

Due to the long term nature of our programs your home insurance is unlikely to be appropriate.

We are happy to suggest insurance providers designed for participants of programs such as ours.


Edumads are responsible for their own visa to be granted entry into the country.

Most programs run in countries where there is no pre-planning required to enter the country. Visas are issued at immigration as you go through the airport, or are not required at all. Sometimes a small fee is charged.

We will inform you of the visa requirements for the program you choose to attend, but ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure you are eligible to enter the country where your program runs.

After the Program

After the program

Alumni Perks

$400 discount on all programs after completion of your 1st.

50% discount on the deposit required to secure your place.

Automatic entry into our Ambassador program. Earn money for spreading the word!

10% discount on tuition at Colorado State University Global.

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