The Edumadic Playbook

How to combine online learning with world travel

By Zach Clenaghan

Want to take your online education abroad? This book has everything you need to know to forge your own Edumadic journey. It will teach you everything that I’ve learned from over 4 years of combining online learning with world travel.

45,000+ words of road-tested travel tips, personal anecdotes, and a boatload of resources. If the thought of learning online from the beaches of Thailand, the cities of Europe, and the mountains of South America gets you excited, then this book is your Bible.

Why buy the book?

Save yourself a ton of money on Edumadic fees by organizing a solo trip.

Learn everything there is to know about this lifestyle from the original “Edumad”.

Find the best value accommodation, often 50% off the price listed on Airbnb.

Access a gold mine of resources that will help you plan and execute a memorable, hitch-free, and productive Edumadic adventure yourself.

A quick rundown of what you'll find inside:


I’ll explain the background to this book, introduce “Edumadism”, and why I think it’s the future of education. You’ll also find a glossary of terminology that you might not be familiar with that’s used throughout the book, and also a brief history of me, how I came to write this book, and what qualifies me to. 

Online Education

Online education is the foundation of an Edumadic experience, and it’s not as complicated as you might think. No, Edumadic is not a university that offers courses or scholarships, but we have deep insight into the various accredited programs and platforms that DO offer those things, plus a ton of other opportunities for skill-building in virtual classrooms. We share with you here online learning opportunities that are well suited to an Edumad’s curriculum.

Travel Style

This isn’t a guide book that will teach you how to plan a two-week vacation and cram as much sight-seeing in as possible. We’re not about that fast-paced travel life, and it makes being productive during your time abroad almost impossible. I’ll teach you about the concept of “slow travel” and the benefits of staying in one place long enough to develop a routine and a deep appreciation and love for a region that by the time you leave, will feel like home.

Where to Go?

If you’re thinking about throwing a dart a map to decide where you’ll travel to in pursuit of this alternative approach to education and world travel, think again. As an Edumad, the places you choose to spend time in will need to meet some specific criteria. It’s no accident that places like Chiang Mai, Lisbon, and Bali attract Digital Nomads in droves. I’ll show you what criteria you want to look for when choosing a destination, how to find that information, and introduce you to the regions and specific locations that tick most of those boxes.


The internet has allowed us to search for housing at the click of a button, but it comes at a heavy cost. Throw everything you think you know about booking accommodation out the window and learn a few tricks of the trade. I’ve searched for housing in 50+ countries for both myself and Edumadic programs. I’ll tell you exactly how I find the best deals that you can’t find on Airbnb, easily saving 50% on rent per month.


For the inexperienced traveler, this chapter is a gold mine. Research and preparation in advance of your departure is going to save you a lot of time, money, and heartache. The preparation I suggest for you here has been finessed over 5 years of constant travel, preparing both myself and Edumadic’s program participants for long-term travel.

Finding Your Tribe

I won’t be teaching you how to make friends, hopefully, you’ve mastered that by now. But I will give you the scoop on where you might find a tribe of like-minded individuals walking a similar road to you. It’s incredibly important to find the right type of people to spend your time around, people that will help you achieve your educational goals rather than distract you from them.

Life, Post Edumadic

Coming home might feel like you’re stepping back in time, to a version of your life and yourself that doesn’t serve you. You might be wondering whether you’ll ever be able to go back to your old ways of living, or when you can jump on the next plane out. I’ve all been there, many times. It’s a harsh reality that I’ve faced over and over again. Fortunately after your Edumadic journey, the world truly will become your oyster. You’ll see opportunities for an exciting and fulfilling life that you never knew existed before.

About the Author

In late 2015 Zach set out on his own experiment of combining online education with world travel. 7 months and one broken leg later, Zach realized that this would have been so much easier with a community of fellow online learners around him. The result of this realization is Edumadic, a company that organizes and leads programs around the world for people that want to combine online learning with world travel.

When Zach isn’t building Edumadic, you can usually find him surfing, freediving, or being irritatingly curious about human behavior.

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