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On an Edumadic Program, you can study anything you like, provided you can do so online.

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Pursuing a degree?

More and more universities are offering the option to take classes online. Typically people use this option to work alongside their studies, or take on extra classes to graduate faster, but we’ve seen many of our past Edumads take a whole semester of online college classes so they can continue to move their degree forward while travelling with us.

There are two ways you can take online college credits while travelling with us.

  1. Enquire at your current university about the availability of online classes. They may well have their own classes to offer you, in which case you can enrol in a semester of online classes through them.
  2. If your college doesn’t offer online classes, or you aren’t currently enrolled anywhere we’ve got your covered! We’ve partnered with a couple of online universities to offer you their classes. You can sign up to take them during our program and transfer them back into your current degree at your home university. Or if you’re not currently enrolled, transfer them into your degree when you eventually do enroll.

If you want to learn more about the universities we’ve partnered with, fill out the form found through the button below!

Want to become a Digital Nomad?

The world is changing. The 9 to 5 office job is dying. More and more jobs can be completed entirely online.

Ditch the commute, ditch the arbitrary office hours, and choose the freedom of the Digital Nomad lifestyle.

A Digital Nomad is someone who works online and as a result, can work from anywhere in the world. They're usually either:

  1. A full time employee that is permitted to work remotely
  2. A freelancer serving clients all over the world through the internet
  3. An entrepreneur that is able to run their business online

If you want to join their ranks, you'll need to know practical digital skills such as those listed below. They can be learned for much less than the cost of a college degree, and if you master them, you'll be able to earn money online in no time!

In each section we've recommended some courses. We either have direct experience with these courses ourselves or they have come with a strong recommendation from our network. We do suggest that you do your own research into courses in the space that interests you as there is a whole universe of courses that all offer something slightly different.

Software Developer

Software developers, also known as coders or programmers, are responsible for designing the computer programmes and operating systems that we use in everyday life. This website wouldn't exist without the work of software developers, neither would Facebook, Netflix, your iphone. They all rely on the work of Software developers to function.

It's a fantastic career to get into at the moment. The demand for software developers far outweighs the supply and will continue to for many years to come. It's also a very well paid career, with median incomes around $100,000 per annum.

There's a lot to learn in this domain, and it's not for everyone. But learning the fundamentals of software development is going to serve you no matter what career you pursue.

recommended courses:

Treehouse or is an online technology school that offers beginner to advanced courses in web design, web development, mobile development and game development taught by team of expert teachers. Its courses are aimed at beginners looking to learn coding skills for a career in the tech industry.
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Digital Marketer

Digital Marketers are defined as people who can use the Internet to find new leads and get customers...aka money. It's probably the most valuable skill that's needed by businesses in the digital age. All the below are created and managed by Digital Marketers:

  • Facebook & Instagram ads
  • Google ads
  • Social media content
  • Blog posts
  • Affiliate marketing

Almost every business on the planet needs the expertise of a digital marketer so it's an excellent area to learn, and you'll never be short of opportunities to apply your skills either for your own ventures, or somebody else's.

It's a good idea to get familiar with all aspects of digital marketing first and then start applying what you've learnt to your own business ideas or other people's as a freelancer.

recommended courses:

The "Digital Gangsta' marketing course is the most comprehensive beginner course on digital marketing that we've come across. If you know nothing about digital marketing, this course is the one for you. It will take you from zero knowledge of the digital marketing world to marketing whizz, more than qualified to start a life working online as a digital marketing employee or freelancer.
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Demand Curve is an online growth marketing course designed by some of the most capable growth marketers in world. Their course is geared towards entrepreneurs and start-up employees who have a business/product to apply the learnings to.

What's the difference between growth marketing and digital marketing? You can think of growth marketing as a subset of digital marketing which focuses purely on growth of a business, by whatever metric is chosen to be important.
Learn More
The Instagram Ivy League is the first Instagram course that provides students with an elite education in Instagram, marketing and making money with social media. This course will teach you how to create an Instagram account you love, grow a following filled with targeted users, increase your engagement and web traffic, and convert your followers into real paying customers!
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Graphic Designer

If you’re a creative person, then being a graphic designer is great way to monetise your artistic talents. Companies of all kinds will always need designs for logos, promotional materials, websites, merchandise, and more, meaning there are lots of opportunities.

To make it as a digital nomad designer, you’ll want to be familiar with programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. If you want to design websites, you’ll also need to know HTML & CSS. There are many types of graphic design including brand design, website design, and product design. If you're starting out you'll want to learn a little bit about all types and then choose a niche to specialise in.

It's a perfect skill to learn if you want to be a Digital Nomad as your value is in the designs you create, which can be done anywhere, typically using design software.

recommended courses:

The Live Large design school is led by Creative Director and Live Large founder, Adele. With a Masters in Fine Art in Graphic Design and over 7 years running a design agency, Adele brings expert design knowledge, business savvy, and lots of energy as a leader. Adele also teaches graphic design at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, along with leading the Live Large graphic design team while traveling full-time internationally.
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The Designlab mission is empower creators through mentor-lead online design education that is rigorous, but affordable. If you’re a design beginner, no experience is required to start the intensive 4-week Design 101 online course. You’ll have access to a network of Designlab mentors and a community of students around the world. You’ll even have the help to land your first product design job once you complete the UX Academy.
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Virtual Assistant

Virtual assisting is an amazing way to kick start an online career and income without a ton of experience or tech skills. It's essentially the same as an executive assistant/secretary, but online! They complete all manner of administrative tasks for business like bookkeeping, social media management, customer service support, light graphic design work, the list is endless!

recommended courses:

Through the 90 Day VA course, you’ll learn all the skills required to start as a virtual assistant, as well as how to find your first clients. You’ll also get access to an incredibly supportive community of other virtual assistants!
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Copywriting is the process of writing advertising promotional materials. Copywriters are responsible for the text on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs, and more.

This text is known as “copy.” Copy is everywhere, it’s part of a $2.3 trillion industry worldwide. Unlike news or editorial writing, copywriting is all about getting the reader to take action. That action might be to make a purchase, sign up to an email list, or engage with a product, service, or company.

Copywriting requires zero qualifications, it's all about results! There are successful copywriters with college degrees and some who didn't finish high school. Some copywriters are only 18 and some are retired. Some copywriters are stay-at-home moms and some left six-figure corporate jobs.

The only thing you need is a computer and an Internet connection. Everything else can be learned., you have all the qualifications you need to get start

Copywriting can be an extremely lucrative career. If you're highly effective and you pick the right niche to focus on you can earn more than 6 figures a year!

recommended courses:

Superstar Blogging was created by travel blogging expert Nomadic Matt to help you achieve your travel business dreams. Matt has teamed up with expert travel writers, photographers, and videographers who will teach you the skills, techniques, and strategies to break into the travel industry.
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placeholder for Adele's course
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E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services using the internet, although it's most often understood as the selling of physical products online.

There are a few clearly defined types of E-commerce:

Retail and Wholesale

The standard form of E-commerce is when a seller manufactures their own products and sells them online to either a consumer or another business. They handle everything from design of the product to handling inventory, and finally shipping the product to the consumer. They may sell them on Amazon, or through their own web store that might be hosted on a ecommerce platform like Shopify, specifically designed to build websites to sell products online through.


Dropshipping is selling products that you as the seller never come into contact with. The customer orders the product online through your store and then the product gets shipped directly from the manufacturer or an intermediary. The most common method of dropshipping is Amazon FBA (fullfillment by Amazon). The intermediary in this case is Amazon. All you have to do is drive the customer to your product and Amazon handles the rest!


Subscription E-commerce is when the customer signs up to receive a physical product on a regular basis, typically monthly, until they choose to cancel. Successful examples of this are Blue Apron, Mentorbox, and Birchbox.

Digital Products

E-commerce doesn't have to be physical! Technically digital products fall into the category of E-commerce too. The most obvious form of digital product sold online is an info-product, typically a book or an online course.

recommended courses:

placeholder for Adele's course
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placeholder for Adele's course
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Ecom Elites offers a 100% free dropshipping course that provides the ultimate blueprint to starting, running, and growing an e-commerce business - without keeping inventory in a warehouse.
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Teaching English Online

For a native English speaker, teaching english online is probably the easiest way to earn an online / remote income. the barriers to entry are very low. You usually need a bachelors degree (the subject is unimportant) and a TEFL, and that's it!

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. It's a standard course that teaches you the fundamentals of teaching. There are many levels that you can qualify at but often employers don't specify which you need so the cheapest shortest course can work! 

There are many companies that hire teachers. For many you'll be teaching Chinese students (both adults and children) through an online video connection. Don't worry, you don't need to know their language! The best employers even provide you with lesson plans, so you don't even have to prepare for each class.

recommended courses:

Premier TEFL is a government regulated course to earn a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate that will enable you to gain the skills, interships, and jobs that will allow you teach English in countries all around the globe.
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i to i courses will qualify you as a confident TEFL teacher, before pointing you in the right direction to their TEFL Internships in epic locations such as Thailand, Vietnam and China. Their mission is “to make teaching abroad straightforward and accessible – to push you, to inspire you, to offer our support – and to take you places you never imagined possible.”
Learn More
 VIP Kid is one of the most well-known international online teaching companies. With either a bachelor’s degree or a TEFL certification in hand, you can easily start the application process using their platform and ready-made teaching lessons. You can also work when and where you want, provided you have a stable internet connection, making this career opportunity appealing to world travelers. 
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Become a better human

Maybe you've just graduated from high school or university. Or maybe you’ve had your head buried in a career that you’re not passionate about. You feel like they need some time to breathe, take a look around, and make some big decisions about what’s next. Your next step feels like it’s going to set your course for a significant portion of your life and it demands some serious thought, and maybe a change of scenery and perspective.

It's vitally important that you get to grips with who you fundamentally are to understand which step you need to take next. You might not have ever taken the time to get to know yourself, and not only get to know who looks back at you in the mirror, but who do you want that person to be? At this pivotal moment in your life you still have the opportunity to make deliberate steps to a better life, through personal development. This development can come in many forms, and 6 weeks in a new environment, away from the life that has shaped the current version of you, is a great opportunity to explore them.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness is a word that nowadays is closely related to meditation, and is in fact a style of meditation but it has its own definition. It is the quality of being present, and fully engaged with what you're doing in the moment. Being mindful means being free from distraction, being aware of your thoughts and feelings but not being a slave to them, and having no judgement against yourself for having them.

It differs from meditation in that it isn't a temporary state that is only experience while meditating. It's a way of living that allows us to be more present in any situation.

In a world full of distractions, mindfulness can be an extremely powerful tool, that can be cultivated through training, in the form of mindful meditation. Time away on an Edumadic program is a great opportunity to cultivate this practice of mindful meditation and see what a life-changing habit this can be.


The Waking Up app was created by Sam Harris, the author of five New York Times best sellers, including "Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion".  His writing and public lectures cover a wide range of topics—neuroscience, meditation, moral philosophy, religion, rationality—but generally focus on how a growing understanding of ourselves and the world is changing our sense of how we should live.

This app and it's meditations are slightly different in that their underlying focus is investigating the nature of consciousness, rather than purely teaching meditation.
Get the app
The Headspace app focuses on teaching the how and why of meditation and its techniques. It starts with an introductory course and moves on to meditations which focus on areas such as anxiety, sports performance, and personal growth.

In addition to the courses and guided meditations themselves, the app has a boat load of further support around understanding meditation and mindfulness and how to implement it into your daily life.
Get the app


Who are you? Have you ever asked yourself that?

Knowing yourself might be the most important piece of information that we ever acquire. Throughout your formal education you will have studied what can sometimes seem an infinite expanse of topics, but you likely have never studied yourself. Considering how powerful this study can be, it seems strange to us that this isn't a core part of the curriculum at any stage of education.

What makes you tick? Are you an extrovert or an introvert? What childhood experiences have an impact on your character and personality to this day? How do other people see me? How do I see myself? These are just some of the questions that we believe we should all be asking ourselves. They're also questions that professionals in the Psychology field have been asking for many decades, and as such there are plenty of tools out there to help you figure these big questions out.

Thinking deeply about the answers to these questions, while in a new environment like that which you will find on an Edumadic program, can be particularly revealing. You're in a new environment around new people that don't know who you are in any capacity. Your fellow Edumads have no pre-conceived notions of who you are so they offer clear mirror upon which to reflect.


Everyone wants to learn about themselves. 16 Personalities has a TypeExplorer personality test that shows you what it means to be you. The TypeExplorer assessment is based on the 16 personality types (the acronym format, such as INFJ) that were developed by Myers-Briggs in the early 1900s.

The results will outline indicators and tendencies of your personality type, however, they are not definitive guidelines or answers. They are meant to inspire personal growth and an improved understanding of yourself and your relationships.
Take the test
The Self-Authoring Suite is a series of online writing programs that collectively help you explore your past, present and future.

People who spend time writing carefully about themselves become happier, less anxious and depressed and physically healthier. They become more productive, persistent and engaged in life. This is because thinking about where you came from, who you are and where you are going helps you chart a simpler and more rewarding path through life.
The Big 5 personality test gives you accurate scores for the Big Five personality traits that psychologists have determined are core to our personality makeup.. See exactly how you score for Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism with this scientific personality assessment. 
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Another subject that is totally neglected in our formal education system. What we put into our bodies is our fuel, our life force. Everything we do and are is a product of the nutrients that we consume. Why then, are we still neglecting our bodies with the Standard American Diet. A simple google of this term makes for bleak reading.

The jury is still out on how exactly we should fuel our bodies. But what we do know is that the Standard American Diet is not the way to go. Vegan, Keto, Plant Based, Paleo. Have you tried them? Maybe our programs are a great opportunity to dip your toe in a different way of eating. Especially in environments that might be better suited to it.


Many of our program locations provide the opportunity to explore one or more activities that will get your heart rate pumping. Whether it be yoga in Bali or surfing in Spain, there's always a new sport to try your hand at.

Local education opportunities

Almost all of our locations have opportunities to learn something tangible on the ground while you're there. These can be a great addition to your core learning goals, and get you out from behind your computer screen into reality. A few that people have pursued in the past:


You may have noticed a heavy surfing theme in the locations that our programs run in. This might have something to do with our Founder's obsession with the sport.... just maybe. In the locations where surfing is a possibility we're always within walking distance of the closest beginner spot. We always make connections with local schools and instructors to get our Edumads great deals on lessons and board rental.

Available in: Bali, Costa Rica, Canary Islands


Yoga isn't far behind surfing in Edumadic's most beloved past times. In many of our locations you'll find a handful of yoga schools that offer classes from beginner to advanced. They often have ancillary classes and educational opportunities as well in topics like breathwork, sound healing, and meditation.

Available in: Bali, Costa Rica


There is the opportunity to learn the local language in all of our locations. Classes are usually very cheap and learning while surrounded by native speakers and with opportunity to practice every day is the most efficient way to progress. You'll be blown away by how far your knowledge can progress in such a short time frame.

Available in: Everywhere! Though Spanish is the most popular language people want to learn which is spoken in Costa Rica and the Canary Islands.

And a whole load more!

Other learning opportunities on our programs include

  • Scuba and Freediving in Koh Phangan, Koh Lanta, and Bali
  • Salsa in Costa Rica and the Canary Islands
  • Rock Climbing in the Canary Islands and Bali
  • Muay Thai in Chiang Mai, Koh Phangan, and Koh Lanta

Create your own curriculum

There are courses in anything and everything on the web from knitting to neuroscience. And there a number of education platform that amalgamate these courses into searchable databases.

We've seen many Edumads pick courses from these platforms, to learn topics they're interested in without the incentive of becoming a digital nomad, or obtaining a degree. Purely learning for the sake of learning. What a wonderful concept!

Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online where more than 30 million students are mastering new skills and achieving their goals by learning from an extensive library of over 130,000 courses taught by expert instructors.
Skillshare is an online learning platform with thousands of classes for creative and curious people, on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and more.

A monthly membership fee gives you access to the whole catalogue of classes.
LinkedIn Learning is a platform offering video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills.

It follows a subscription model, with your monthly membership giving your access to the whole catalogue of courses.
Although Class Central isn't a course provider or marketplace itself, they act as a search engine for online courses. If you've got a subject in mind that you want to study but aren't sure where there's an online course for it, this website is a great place to start looking.
Udacity has created propriety classes in several domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science and more.

All their classes have been created in collaboration with corporations related to that field, ensuring that content is relevant to the real world. Payment is on a per-class basis.
edX provides a plethora of courses from many of the top universities in the world. You can register for classes offered by Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, and a whole host of other prestigious schools.

These courses are as close as you’ll come to attending university, with structured class time and verified certificates on completion for a fee.

Education FAQs

Where do we study?

We tend to either study from cafes, our own accommodation (which always has appropriate desk / seating space), or other free spaces that are well suited to studying such as libraries or free co-working spaces. We always provide a local sim card topped up with plenty of data to each person at no extra cost. This means that we can realistically hotspot our phone to access the internet as an alternative option to wifi. We’ve found that paid co-working spaces are an unnecessary expense for our needs as online students, however when there are no alternative options we do use them.

Are there set hours to study in?

No. We know from our own experience that people are naturally more productive and focused at different times of the day, so we don't impose specific schedules on anyone.

Having said that, people do tend to follow a similar routine as each other. The most common daily routine is studying for a few hours in the morning up until lunch. Then the main chunk of the day is spent socialising, exploring, and generally doing things that travellers do. People then tend to study again in the evenings once the sun goes down.

How do you make sure we're studying?

The short answer is we don't. Once you're on a program you are free to spend as much or as little time as you want on your educational pursuits. We do send out a weekly accountability and review form which asks you what your goals are for the week and whether you achieved your goals for the previous week, but this is more to keep Edumads accountable to themselves than to us.

What we will say is that if you're not studying, then there isn't much value in you remaining part of the program. If you just want to travel then you're much better off travelling solo rather than part of a group and staying in hostels rather than private rooms. You'll have the chance to see far more places if you're not tied to one room in each country.

How much time can I expect to spend studying on the program?

We suggest that you should expect to study for roughly 4 to 6 hours per day. Some days it might be a couple of hours, other days it might be 10. This leaves plenty of time each day to socialise, exercise, read, write, explore, or whatever else it is that you choose to do!

5 hours per day translates to a total of 210 hours of study time on a 6 week program, which I'm sure you'll agree is plenty of time to achieve something significant! We usually find that people complete whatever they intended on studying before the end of the program. So it might be a good idea to line up some extra projects or courses that perhaps are less important to you, but you could add to your schedule should you find yourself accomplishing your main goals early.

If you want to know what a typical day looks like on an Edumadic program, you can read the "Day in the Life" features on our blog. They're written by our Edumads and give a great insight into what a typical day looks like in a location.

What do we study?

The study aspect of our programs is entirely self-guided. You can study anything you like, provided you can do so online / remotely. We can give broad advice on where to start looking for an appropriate course (look here), and which type of educational pursuits fit best with our programs. However we cannot give specific advice on which online course or platform is best for you.

Many previous Edumads have pursued creative pursuits or developed entrepreneurial ideas while on our programs rather than studying, which we are completely happy for you to do.