Zach's day in Hanoi

7am — 8:30am: Emails & social media from bed

I tend to wake up fairly early, but then spend a good chunk of time in bed getting caught up on everything that’s happened overnight. Because of the time difference, I/we tend to get a lot of inbound messages throughout the night from Europe and North America. I’ll usually respond to social messages and just read work emails that require a bit more thought, planning to respond to them later in the day.

9am — 9:45am: Breakfast and a quick chat

It’s been a nice change to have a kitchen to cook our own food in Vietnam. Breakfast is a real cornerstone of my daily routine when I’m at home so it’s great to reintroduce that here. I’ll head down to prepare myself scrambled eggs around 9, and catch up with anyone else that happens to be in the kitchen at that time, before catching a motorbike taxi to the cafe of the day!

10am — 1pm: Productivity from a new cafe

There are a ridiculous amount of beautiful and cozy cafes all across Hanoi. I’ve been on a mission to find the coziest ones to work from. I find that the environment I’m in really has a significant impact on my productivity, so finding the right ambience in my workspace is important. Fortunately there are plenty of cafes that fit the bill in this city! During this time, I’ll sit down with a delicious Mocha and tackle all the emails that have come through the previous night, plan future programs, review applications, update our location guides, and many other small daily tasks that need taking care of.

1pm — 3:30pm: Lunch and exploration

Lunch time! I’ll usually meet up with a few of the crew for lunch at a local spot. You can eat Vietnamese food for extremely cheap in Hanoi, usually somewhere between $1 and $2, and it’s always delicious! Post lunch is a great time to explore and learn about the city, either through just wandering the streets or visiting a museum, or landmark in the city. Hanoi is a fascinating place steeped in history, so there’s much to learn about and see.

4pm — 7pm: Writing!

After a bit of a break from the laptop, I’ll get back to it in the afternoon, usually at a new cafe closer to home. I’ve been working on a book for a few months now. Since we arrived in Hanoi I’ve been making some serious progress on it, writing pretty much every day. It should be complete some time in the new year, so keep your eyes peeled for more info about it in the coming months!

7:30pm — late: Dinner and Games

After finishing up for the day I’ll head back to the house for dinner and games, either at home or at one of a few places we like to frequent in our neighborhood.