Jesse's day in Hanoi

7:30–8:30am Rooftop Yoga

A traditional Vietnamese house is called a “tube-house” as it consists of several stories supported by a narrow base, looking like a long tube! On the top level of our tube house is a rooftop balcony, where I like to do morning yoga in the cooling breeze before the tropical heat hits the town.

9am — 1pm Deskbound

Time to get to work in one of the many cafes that are filled with expats and local professionals. One of my favourite cafes offers a breathtaking view overlooking the west lake and serves the unique and traditional Vietnamese egg coffee. I love trying the French pastries everywhere too.

2 — 5pm City Tour

On sunny days I like to join our group to explore the old quarter — the city’s artisanal hub and main tourist destination. Activities include temple hopping, exploring the historical museums, wandering down hidden alleys (while navigating through the crazy traffic), or simply appreciating the beauty of Vietnamese girls in their elegant traditional dress, the Ao Dai.

6 — 7:30pm Local Cuisine

One of the ways to eat like a local is to try the street stalls with tables and stools out on the sidewalk that are so low that your knees come up to your ears and you feel like a giant! My #1 dish is rice noodles topped with vegetarian spring rolls, and iced amberella juice, satisfying my tastebuds for under $4.

8 — 10:30pm

Also known as the Edumadic social time! We gather on the rooftop for a drink or two, sharing the day’s stories. Sometimes I’ll bring my guitar to play in the background. If we are in the mood, a game of Drawful or a movie night ends the day on a perfect note!