Allison's day in Hanoi

8 — 11am Kitchen table session

We have the luxury of a communal kitchen in our house this month, which makes a perfect gathering space to get a little work done in the morning while enjoying homemade breakfast and coffee.

12pm — 1pm Local lunch

It’s pretty convenient to walk down the main street of the Tay Ho district we’re living in to find a cheap meal. Bun chá has become a staple of our diet here — a Vietnamese dish of noodles and grilled pork served with fresh herbs and pickled vegetables in a delicious broth.

2 — 5pm Cafe hopping

Around this time of day I’ll head to a favorite neighborhood spot or go into the old quarter to discover a new cafe to check out. I’ll put in a few hours of personal and professional work so I can wrap up my productivity for the day by dinner time.

6 — 8pm Family dinner

Our group has been trying to recreate some favorite recipes from home in the kitchen, but we’re also guilty of ordering in pizza or wraps…indulging in some of the western dishes we’re missing!

8 — 11pm Movie night

Luckily we have a portable projector on this trip and a large living room for us to all gather in for movie night. Sharing our favorite cult classics has been a chill and interesting way to spend our evenings.