Zach's day in Bali

7:30–9:30 Early morning surf:

At the moment in Canggu the best times to surf are early morning and late in the evening. I’m super out of shape after the last 4 months travelling so I’m trying to get as much time in the water as possible to get surf fit again. Also at this time there’s not too many people in the water so I can catch a few more waves.

10–1 Emails:

Straight after surfing I have a quick dip in our pool before breaking out the laptop and getting to emails. Most of my time is spent reviewing applications for our summer programs and replying to questions people have about anything and everything Edumadic.

1:30–3 Humungous Lunch:

I try and follow a diet (although it’s not really a diet), called intermittent fasting. I won’t bore you with the reasons and the details of it but it essentially means I eat all my food in a small window of time. For me this means skipping breakfast and having a huge lunch. There are a boat load of amazing and super healthy cafés and restaurants in and around Canggu so I usually fill up on Seafood, Fruit Smoothies and avocado filled salads until I can’t move.

3–5 Chill by the pool:

After eating my weight in leafy salads I’m usually in a food coma, which is the perfect opportunity to chill by the pool. I love reading and have a few books on the go at the moment. Man’s search for Meaning by Victor Frankl and Waking Up by Sam Harris, get most of my attention.

5–7 sunset surf and a coconut:

Second surf session of the day! It’s nice to be able to watch the sun come down from the water and I find that the waves tend to be much cleaner in the late evening. On the beach in front of the break there’s a bar with cushions laid out on the sand which plays sweet reggae music and serves coconuts for a dollar! Perfect place to watch the sunset.

7–9:30 Dinner and cards:

After surfing for a second time I’m in serious need of some more sustenance. We head out as a group to one of the more local places and have one of the local dishes rather than the superfood salads that are so widespread here. Nasi Goreng is a favourite. Also I’m pleased to say that Cards are back on the menu after a month of neglect in Chiang Mai!

9:30–12 Interviews and more work:

As we have applicants from all over the world, I have to be available both late at night and early morning for final round interviews. Fortunately for me today I only had a couple interviews in the evening. There’s always something else that needs working on, whether it’s pricing up itineraries for the future, researching the viability of new destinations or making tweaks to the website.