Matea's day in Goa

8:30–10:30 Yoga:

For less than $6 I get 2 hours of intense Hatha Yoga. Our favourite school sits at the end of the beach over a wooden bridge just on the outskirts of the jungle. What a perfect way to start the day!

10:45–12 Brunch at Zest:

Zest is a vegan & vegetarian cafe in Palolem and is a firm favourite of the group. I went for the Fruit Bowl this morning.

12–4 Study time:

Knuckled down in my hammock for a few hours of online lectures. I’m working towards an online degree in Environmental Sciences.

4–6:30 Play time!:

This is usually when we head out onto the beach. The sun sets around this time so it’s not too hot for a spot of frisbee and an hour kayaking out to the island. Today we saw 3 dolphins!

6:30–8 Cards and dinner:

We’ve been hooked recently on a game called Caracole. I won’t go into the details of how it’s played, but I won! We had dinner on the beach as usual, I went for the mouthwatering Paneer Butter Masala with a side of rice.

8–9:30 Study time:

I like to review some of the things i’ve learnt over the past couple days every evening before bed, usually whilst listening to some music in my beach hut.