Cathryn's day in Goa

7–8: Sunrise swim

The sunrise here in Palolem is beautiful. It rises behind the palm trees and the beach huts, so from the ocean you can get the best view. Also the ocean is consistently a wonderful temperature.

8:30–10: Breakfast and a book

We have some great choices for breakfast food in Palolem, and hands down my favourite spot is Little World. I get the Chai Masala tea and the little world scrambled eggs. These eggs are a fragrant and flavourful mix of Indian spices, tomato and basil. Then as I sip the chai, waiting for food to come out, I enjoy the cozy atmosphere while reading a book.

10:30–4:30 : Emails, study and more reading

During this time I find a semi secluded area to focus. This is either in my beach hut or in my hammock. Usually its the hammock. Who doesn’t love a hammock? Currently I am studying Japanese. I also used to run a marketing consultancy back home. Some of my past clients get in touch from time to time with questions so that fills some of my day.

5–8 : Dinner, sunset and socialising

Durning this time is when we all usually get together as a group to have dinner, talk and play cards. I went for the chicken tikka masala curry with cheeky naan on the side.