Zach's day in Hanoi

7am — 8:30am: Emails & social media from bed

I tend to wake up fairly early, but then spend a good chunk of time in bed getting caught up on everything that’s happened overnight. Because of the time difference, I/we tend to get a lot of inbound messages throughout the night from Europe and North America. I’ll usually respond to social messages and just read work emails that require a bit more thought, planning to respond to them later in the day.

9am — 9:45am: Breakfast and a quick chat

It’s been a nice change to have a kitchen to cook our own food in Vietnam. Breakfast is a real cornerstone of my daily routine when I’m at home so it’s great to reintroduce that here. I’ll head down to prepare myself scrambled eggs around 9, and catch up with anyone else that happens to be in the kitchen at that time, before catching a motorbike taxi to the cafe of the day!

10am — 1pm: Productivity from a new cafe

There are a ridiculous amount of beautiful and cozy cafes all across Hanoi. I’ve been on a mission to find the coziest ones to work from. I find that the environment I’m in really has a significant impact on my productivity, so finding the right ambience in my workspace is important. Fortunately there are plenty of cafes that fit the bill in this city! During this time, I’ll sit down with a delicious Mocha and tackle all the emails that have come through the previous night, plan future programs, review applications, update our location guides, and many other small daily tasks that need taking care of.

1pm — 3:30pm: Lunch and exploration

Lunch time! I’ll usually meet up with a few of the crew for lunch at a local spot. You can eat Vietnamese food for extremely cheap in Hanoi, usually somewhere between $1 and $2, and it’s always delicious! Post lunch is a great time to explore and learn about the city, either through just wandering the streets or visiting a museum, or landmark in the city. Hanoi is a fascinating place steeped in history, so there’s much to learn about and see.

4pm — 7pm: Writing!

After a bit of a break from the laptop, I’ll get back to it in the afternoon, usually at a new cafe closer to home. I’ve been working on a book for a few months now. Since we arrived in Hanoi I’ve been making some serious progress on it, writing pretty much every day. It should be complete some time in the new year, so keep your eyes peeled for more info about it in the coming months!

7:30pm — late: Dinner and Games

After finishing up for the day I’ll head back to the house for dinner and games, either at home or at one of a few places we like to frequent in our neighborhood.

Allison's day in Hanoi

8 — 11am Kitchen table session

We have the luxury of a communal kitchen in our house this month, which makes a perfect gathering space to get a little work done in the morning while enjoying homemade breakfast and coffee.

12pm — 1pm Local lunch

It’s pretty convenient to walk down the main street of the Tay Ho district we’re living in to find a cheap meal. Bun chá has become a staple of our diet here — a Vietnamese dish of noodles and grilled pork served with fresh herbs and pickled vegetables in a delicious broth.

2 — 5pm Cafe hopping

Around this time of day I’ll head to a favorite neighborhood spot or go into the old quarter to discover a new cafe to check out. I’ll put in a few hours of personal and professional work so I can wrap up my productivity for the day by dinner time.

6 — 8pm Family dinner

Our group has been trying to recreate some favorite recipes from home in the kitchen, but we’re also guilty of ordering in pizza or wraps…indulging in some of the western dishes we’re missing!

8 — 11pm Movie night

Luckily we have a portable projector on this trip and a large living room for us to all gather in for movie night. Sharing our favorite cult classics has been a chill and interesting way to spend our evenings.

Jesse's day in Hanoi

7:30–8:30am Rooftop Yoga

A traditional Vietnamese house is called a “tube-house” as it consists of several stories supported by a narrow base, looking like a long tube! On the top level of our tube house is a rooftop balcony, where I like to do morning yoga in the cooling breeze before the tropical heat hits the town.

9am — 1pm Deskbound

Time to get to work in one of the many cafes that are filled with expats and local professionals. One of my favourite cafes offers a breathtaking view overlooking the west lake and serves the unique and traditional Vietnamese egg coffee. I love trying the French pastries everywhere too.

2 — 5pm City Tour

On sunny days I like to join our group to explore the old quarter — the city’s artisanal hub and main tourist destination. Activities include temple hopping, exploring the historical museums, wandering down hidden alleys (while navigating through the crazy traffic), or simply appreciating the beauty of Vietnamese girls in their elegant traditional dress, the Ao Dai.

6 — 7:30pm Local Cuisine

One of the ways to eat like a local is to try the street stalls with tables and stools out on the sidewalk that are so low that your knees come up to your ears and you feel like a giant! My #1 dish is rice noodles topped with vegetarian spring rolls, and iced amberella juice, satisfying my tastebuds for under $4.

8 — 10:30pm

Also known as the Edumadic social time! We gather on the rooftop for a drink or two, sharing the day’s stories. Sometimes I’ll bring my guitar to play in the background. If we are in the mood, a game of Drawful or a movie night ends the day on a perfect note!

Taylor's day in Chiang Mai

10am — 12pm — Get ready for the day

With most of my nights being late ones, I’ve spent the majority of my mornings here in Chiang Mai sleeping in. I usually spend the first hour of my day getting ready, catching up with my friends and family back home, and coordinating plans with the other Edumads.

12–4pm — Lunch & study time

After a sleepy morning, I’ll meet up with a few others and head to one of our favourite lunch spots. Most often we end up going to a create-your-own-salad place that’s a quick walk away as well as being a cheap and healthy option. After lunch I usually head to one of the many cozy cafes, where I spend a few hours working on the coursework that goes along with my Animal Welfare Certificate Program.

4–6pm — Relaxing

After a few hours of studying it’s always nice to chill out for a while. This usually consists of listening to music in my room, hanging out with one or two pals, reading, or occasionally watching some Netflix.

6pm-9pm — Market adventures

After some nice quality downtime, I’m ready to take on the world again. My favourite place to find dinner is one of the amazing night markets that the city is filled with. Nothing can beat the large variety of dishes that are cheap and cater to almost any diet. I’ll grab a plate of Pad Thai, a bowl of Khao Soi, or some super cheap sushi, and sit in the crowded square surrounded by people enjoying a plethora of different meals.

9pm-?? — Anything can happen

Every night brings something different for me: if I decide I wasn’t productive enough during the day I might go to C.A.M.P., the 24-hour co-working space, and study into the wee hours of the morning; if it was a long day I might hang out in somebody’s room for a few hours or have a group movie night; or I might join a few others to go bar-hopping and party the night away. Whatever ends up happening, as long as I make it back to my bed in one piece I consider it a successful day!

Taylor's day in Chiang Mai

9am — 11am 

In the morning I complete a session of stretching before I start the day. Then I usually go down to the street and grab a breakfast from one of the street vendors — you can get a bag of fried eggs and rice plus a bag of sliced fruit for about 30 cents each!

11am — 5pm Daily adventure

I head out for the day and try to find a bit of peace from the fast pace of the busy city streets. Usually I head for the hills, walking through the forest or visiting one of the local waterfalls. I recently spent a day volunteering at an elephant sanctuary and put in some manual labor to help with the landscaping.

5 — 8pm Street eats and productivity

After exploring and walking around the city for a bit in the late afternoon, I like to find an inexpensive place to eat from one of the many food stalls on the street close to home. Then I’ll retreat to my room to work on assignments and watch my scheduled educational videos for the day.

8pm — 2am Shenanigans

Some nights we go out on the town, groovin’ at Zoe in Yellow, jumping in songtaews to Spicy, and ending the night making a fool of myself at Living Room if we stay out that late.

Agravante's day in Chiang Mai

10am — 12pm Morning ritual

I wake up around 10 and hang out in my bed catching up on social media and with friends, read the news, etc. Normally one of my partners in crime from the group comes knocking to commence my day. I quickly slap on some eyebrows, maybe some luscious lashes, and join in on whatever trouble they plan to get into that day.

12 — 6pm Getting into trouble

Earlier this week it was tattoos, today it was frolicking in a forest, who knows what it will be tomorrow. There are so many new things to see and experience in our new home! At some point I try to hit the gym for a sweaty 45 minute workout. It’s surprising if I manage to eat during the day (I pull late nights), so I usually grab something quick from a street food stall at some point between activities.

6 — 8pm Off to work

I normally make a pit stop at my room by 6 to pick up my laptop and make my way to the Maya Mall. I’ll browse the shops for an hour or so before I make my way to the food market to grab some nachos after which I head to C.A.M.P. — the co-working space at the mall. I try to be online during Eastern Standard Time work hours so that I have easy access to my office and colleagues back home.

8pm — 2am All nighter

I basically live at C.A.M.P. pumping out work, a few pages of whatever I’m currently reading, watch a good movie, and eat one (most likely two) plates of fries and their delicious peach tea. The late night walk back home is pretty relaxing compared to the crazy day. After I’m in my pajamas I’ll try to squeeze in a bit more reading and then it’s lights out by around 2am.

Fermin's day in Koh Phangan

6 — 7am Morning Prep
 I usually wake up and go through my morning routine: a 10–30 minute meditation session, a little bit of movement — like a walk or some stretching — to get the blood flowing, and then I plan my day, prioritizing at least 3 objectives to complete and anything else that I should keep on my mental radar.

7 — 11am Time for action.
 I find that I’m most efficient in the morning, so I get most of my work done during this time, leaving my afternoons open for fun and relaxation. This is when I check/answer emails and set up video call meetings with business partners to work on our ongoing projects. Some days I fill this time with research, brainstorming, or some recreational reading to keep the mind working. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I have to take a lot of initiative to stay ahead of the curve!

11am — 12:30pm Balance.
 I take a mental break around this time to get some fresh air; I either get in a workout right in my villa or at the outdoor gym in the city center of Thong Sala. Afterwards I’ll run some errands and grab lunch at the local outdoor market.

12:30 — 1:30pm Creative flow.
 Time to kick back and listen to some of my favorite jams while I write poetry or work on sketching. I find both to be great forms of self-expression and I’m still getting into the habit of practicing!

1:30 — 6pm Exploration and enrichment.
 This is when I love to be spontaneous; some days I learn German on my own or with the tutoring of a fellow Edumad in exchange for tutoring them in Spanish. Other days I explore the island on my scooter to see what the locals are up to. This actually led me to have a 3-day encounter with some local Buddhist monks where I got to spend time exchanging philosophies. Every day is different!

6 — 10pm Relaxing or socializing.
 I’ll join a few of the other Edumads for dinner either at the market or one of the many restaurants if we’re feeling fancy. We tend to head home and hang on our porches, or I’ll prop myself up on my hammock and swing the night away with some music and reflect on the experiences of the day.

Erin's day in Koh Phangan

7 — 8am Morning meditation.
I love waking up early and meditating for about half an hour. I then do a quick yoga flow in my bungalow. This always prepares my mind for a productive day and puts me in such a content state. Then I toss my books in my bag and drive down the winding island roads to a local cafe to meet up with friends and start some work.

8:30 — 11:30am Time to get productive.
There are a myriad of adorable coffee shops that are close by and affordable, so I switch up the location often. I am most productive in the mornings, so I am very much in my element sipping on some tea and tapping away at my keyboard in these little shops. I am currently building a client base for freelance writing and working on short stories and essays. I am also an artist and spend time listing and advertising my prints online.

12 — 2pm Lunch amongst the locals.
By this time of the day, I am ready for lunch and jump on my scooter and head to the market. I love the energy from the packed food stalls and you can always get a lot of food for very cheap (less than $2 a meal!). I love trying a new dish every time I go, but I always get an ice cold smoothie for dessert.

2 — 5pm Language class.
After lunch, head to breeze bay for a little language class. Two other Edumads and I work together to teach and learn language. I teach them German, and they teach me Spanish. After our class, we chill outside in the hammocks and just talk the afternoon away. Before you know it we are all crammed on one porch talking and joking and enjoying one another’s company.

5–10pm Relaxing with a sketch pad or book.
The work is done for the day, so I find a beach to sketch at and watch the sunset. Sometimes I find a restaurant, or seek air conditioning in a quiet space to get lost in my artwork. Sometimes I read. Other evenings we go out as a group. Eventually, I scooter my way back to my bungalow for a good night’s sleep to continue the nomadic life tomorrow.

Caitlin's day in Koh Phangan

7–8:30am Journaling and Yoga:

I love waking up early and getting a fresh start to the day. I always begin with twenty minutes of journaling as a grounding practice. Today that was followed by a yoga session with the wonderful Taylor leading some group stretching.

9am — 1pm Arrive at my favorite cafe for some productivity:

I get my best work done during these hours and there are some great coffee shops in Koh Phangan that are perfect for it. One of my favorites is Cafe Villa. Just a few minutes down the road from my house and at the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean, it’s also one of the best viewpoints I’ve found on the island. I spend my time working on a few things: designing a website for the entrepreneurial venture I’m pursuing while here, writing my own personal blog posts for Medium, and lots of reading — currently ‘The Four Hour Work Week’ by Timothy Ferriss.

1 — 3pm Grab a snack and explore the island:

One of the best aspects of the island is the beach scene, my favorite so far being Zen Beach. Weather permitting, I usually take an afternoon adventure to a beach to enjoy a swim in the ocean (something you usually can’t do at the end of September in my home state of Michigan!). I also stop by the market on the way for some freshly cut mango to bring with me as a snack.

3 — 6pm Head home for a few hours of down time:

Each day this looks different, but it’s usually a combination of reading, lying in my hammock, and relaxing. It’s pretty hot here during this time of year, so it’s a good time to unwind before the sun sets around 6:30 pm.

6 — 10pm Dinner and hang out with other Edumads:

During the evenings, I’ll grab a bite to eat for dinner and then hang out with the crew. I like to try out the Pad Thai at many of the restaurants on the island, snag a falafel wrap from the market, or frequent some of the flavorful vegan restaurants. Then we hang out in the hammocks on our front porches, grab a beer at a bar downtown, or visit the market in Thong Sala.

Baptiste's day in Bali

8:30–9: Wake up and dip in the pool

I wake up and check for any messages from back home. Potentially call a few friends or family to catch up. Then I like to take a quick swim in the clear blue pool of our villa. Sometimes encounter our neighboring roommates and talk about plans for the day.

9–11: Hunting for Food and the “Perfect” Cafe

The famous smoothie bowls and salads that Bali offers isn’t really my cup of tea so I usually end up hunting for “Warungs” (the locally owned restuarants) around town. Most of the time at these places, you just pick and point to what you want and a huge delicious combination of food will just end up in your plate. There’s tons of them! My favorite being Varuna Warung or Warung Bu Mi.

Afterwards, I’m looking for a new cafe to spend most of my day of doing work or planning events. I judge cafes here by comfortability (a/c, seating, free water), internet speed, and of course if they have a outlets for charging my laptop. Currently my favorite spots are Hungry Bird Coffee and Oka’s Bakery.

11–3: Work Crunch

Of course, the most important part of the day depends on how much studying and work I’m able to accomplish by the end of the day. Unfortunately, Edumadic is coming to an end and I’m trying to squeeze as much information and take it all in before I head back home. After that, I’ll start applying this knowledge for networking or starting my own personal developments.

3–5: Villa Relaxation

It’s a much different vibe here than I had in Thailand, but very similar to what I had in India. It’s overwhelmingly relaxing and tranquil. After a long session of studying, I go back to the villa and take another swim in the pool, talk with some friends, or just flat out take a nap for an hour or two.

5–7: Dinner / Late Lunch

Similar to the morning, I’m always trying to find new places to eat, whether it’s just small stands in one corner of the street or discovering a food market with live music and happy hour cocktails in another.

7–10: Fun and Games

By this time, it’s “storytelling” time with the rest of the group. The inaugural program is coming to a conclusion for the rest of us so everyone’s talking about their decisions and plans Post-Edumadic.

We’ve also discovered new group games to play with such as the card game “President” or the ever so famous game of “Mafia”. Personally, Mafia’s been a favorite just because it always leads to crazy amounts of laughter and just overall fun.

10 — ?: Reflections and Writing

I’ve recently got into writing reflections and thoughts on Living in 3 different countries over the course of 3 months undoubtedly gave me a new perspective on the world. Now, I have an indescribable urge to write down my lingering impressions and general opinion.

Will's day in Bali


It takes me a while to get going in the morning. I usually lounge around in bed checking up on friends and family at home on social media and perhaps chatting to a few over Skype.


This morning had our first surf lesson! we headed over to Batu Bolong (one of the many surf breaks in the area) on our scooters to meet our instructor who showed us the ropes on land before we headed out into the waves. Unbelievably we all managed to stand up a couple times, although not without some damage and complete and utter exhaustion. Surfing is hard!


Next we headed to one of the many hipster cafes that fill Canggu, to fill up on some well earned breakfast and have a post surf de-brief. Most Cafes in the area are extremely health conscious and beautifully decorated


I like to try and hit the gym most days of the week. One of the great things about slow travel is that you can keep up fitness regimes that you have at home that regular backpacking would not allow. with the exception of India I’ve managed to stick to my fitness regime pretty closely.


By this point my body is completely finished. Time for some R&R. There’s a restaurant next door to our villa which serves Nasi Goering (a typical indonesian dish) for just over a dollar, and it is exactly what I needed. That, and a dip in the pool to cool off after my workout.


In the hottest part of the day I like to find some AC in a nearby cafe or in the comfort of our villa and knuckle down to some studying. I’m currently working through the final credits required to complete my degree. The current module is globalisation and international business.


Time to relax! A few casual beers, some cards and dinner take up the time between sun down and the evening’s activities. after a brief hiatus in Chiang Mai, Caracole (our card game of choice) is back on the menu!

9 — ????

Canggu has a thriving bar scene, which we tried on for size this evening. A bar / restaurant called Old Man’s was the venue. Fortunately on this night it came alive with a live band playing what I think is called Calypso music? Canggu attracts all manner of interesting people so it was a great opportunity to meet some new people from all over the world.

Zach's day in Bali

7:30–9:30 Early morning surf:

At the moment in Canggu the best times to surf are early morning and late in the evening. I’m super out of shape after the last 4 months travelling so I’m trying to get as much time in the water as possible to get surf fit again. Also at this time there’s not too many people in the water so I can catch a few more waves.

10–1 Emails:

Straight after surfing I have a quick dip in our pool before breaking out the laptop and getting to emails. Most of my time is spent reviewing applications for our summer programs and replying to questions people have about anything and everything Edumadic.

1:30–3 Humungous Lunch:

I try and follow a diet (although it’s not really a diet), called intermittent fasting. I won’t bore you with the reasons and the details of it but it essentially means I eat all my food in a small window of time. For me this means skipping breakfast and having a huge lunch. There are a boat load of amazing and super healthy cafés and restaurants in and around Canggu so I usually fill up on Seafood, Fruit Smoothies and avocado filled salads until I can’t move.

3–5 Chill by the pool:

After eating my weight in leafy salads I’m usually in a food coma, which is the perfect opportunity to chill by the pool. I love reading and have a few books on the go at the moment. Man’s search for Meaning by Victor Frankl and Waking Up by Sam Harris, get most of my attention.

5–7 sunset surf and a coconut:

Second surf session of the day! It’s nice to be able to watch the sun come down from the water and I find that the waves tend to be much cleaner in the late evening. On the beach in front of the break there’s a bar with cushions laid out on the sand which plays sweet reggae music and serves coconuts for a dollar! Perfect place to watch the sunset.

7–9:30 Dinner and cards:

After surfing for a second time I’m in serious need of some more sustenance. We head out as a group to one of the more local places and have one of the local dishes rather than the superfood salads that are so widespread here. Nasi Goreng is a favourite. Also I’m pleased to say that Cards are back on the menu after a month of neglect in Chiang Mai!

9:30–12 Interviews and more work:

As we have applicants from all over the world, I have to be available both late at night and early morning for final round interviews. Fortunately for me today I only had a couple interviews in the evening. There’s always something else that needs working on, whether it’s pricing up itineraries for the future, researching the viability of new destinations or making tweaks to the website.

Melissa's day in Chiang Mai


I’m not a morning person, so I use this time to catch up with friends and family via text/FaceTime/Skype. With a 12hr time difference its the best time for everyone and I get to stay in bed longer.


My search for the next smoothie bowl continues…so many options! I also write a bit during this time, whether it’s personal reflection or a draft for my next blog post. I’m also catching up on a ton of new music on Spotify and adding to playlists to listen to throughout the day.


I study best in longer stretches of time, so I pick a café in the Nimman area to work from, and if I need a change of scenery I’ll try a new place or head over to the CAMP work space in the Maya mall. I’m taking courses on entrepreneurship and customer relationship management, but also taking time to job search and network with startups to start preparing for whatever happens post-Edumadic.


Pre-dinner Thai massage. It hurts so good and is the perfect way to relieve any stress from the day.


I’ll catch up with fellow Edumads for dinner, whether we explore a food market for cheap eats or head to our favourite Mexican spot, it’s a good time to catch up.

9pm — 2am?:

We’re always up for pre-gaming with a few games of pool before a night out of dancing and club hopping. Chiang Mai nightlife is pretty vibrant and we’re known to follow the backpacker scene from Zoe in Yellow to Spicy to…Burger King. Or pad thai from a street cart. Depends on the kind of night we have!

Chris' day in Chiang Mai

8–9:30 Early morning gym session:

I’m definitely a morning person, and I love waking up and getting some lifting and cardio in before doing anything else. I’m thankful that there’s a lot of gyms nearby used by both locals and expats!

10–11:30 Grab a late breakfast, usually khao soi:

By the time I’m finished at the gym, I’m usually super hungry. My favorite meal for brunch is khao soi, a Chiang Mai specialty that you can find on almost every street corner. The dish is a rich coconut based broth with egg noodles, meat, and some pickled vegetables. There’s nothing like some post-workout khao soi!

12–4 Arrive at a study space and get some work done:

I get a lot of work done in the middle of the day. Fortunately Chiang Mai is full of neat study spaces, cute coffee shops, and co-working spaces full of digital nomads. I spend my time on a few things: mentoring students on an online design academy, practicing front-end development, and doing lots of reading (currently reading: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson)

4–6 Go for a walk around the old town:

I love spending a couple hours a day doing nothing but walking. In the old town, there’s always neat stores, restaurants, and cafés to check out. My favorite part of these walks is avoiding the throngs of tourists by going down small side streets without any sense of direction. I usually come across something new everyday. 
6–8 Head back to my room for a siesta:

I’m pretty pooped by the afternoon, and because its so hot outside around then, I head back to my room and rest up before heading out for the evening. You can usually catch me taking a much-needed nap, watching some TV, or reading a book. 
8–11 Explore the city and hang out with other Edumads:

The evening is my favorite part of the day in Chiang Mai. Each evening, the city comes alive with night markets and food vendors at different places spread throughout the city. You can usually find me hunting down new street food I have yet to try. Later in the evening, I’ll be hanging out with the other Edumads — there’s always something to do, whether it’s competing in trivia night at the local bar or visiting a night market on the other side of town.

Jorien's day in Chiang Mai

7–7:30 Wake up with some motivational audio:

I like to listen to some sort of motivational audio or positive affirmations in the morning. They put me in a great frame of mind to seize the day and I always hear a new important life listen. Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn are particular favourites to listen to.

8–10 Muay Thai:

I found a Muay Thai training centre a 20 minute walk away from our apartments. Although the 2 hour sessions are completely exhausting, it’s a great way to clear my mind in the morning.

11–1:30 Studying in my room:

I’m currently enrolled in a Spanish course that I’m completing via distance learning. I find it really useful to repeat words and phrases out loud so my room is the best place for me to study.

2–3 Lunch at Salad Concept:

I’ve found a great little place close by called Salad Concept that is fast becoming a favourite of mine. It’s a salad bar where you can choose all the ingredients of your salad yourself. I like to have a light lunch to leave room for the multiple meals we usually have for dinner!

3:30–5:30 More studying:

Back to the desk for a couple of hours! I find working in shorter bursts throughout the day helps me stay concentrated on the subject at hand better than 5 or so hours straight. That’s one of the great things about this program. We have the freedom to study at our own pace, on a schedule that suits our individual learning style.

5:30–6:30 Chat with friends and family on Skype:

I usually speak to at least one friend or family member each day.

7–10 Explore the night bazaar:

There’s a large night market on every night to the east of the city. We like to look around the local street sellers and feast on a number of the food stalls in the area. Thai street food has got to be some of the most delicious food on the planet, hence the lunch. I more than make up for it every night at one of the many food markets in the city!

Josh's day in Goa

9–11 Study at our beach huts:

I usually spend the morning sat in our accommodation’s lounge area getting some studying in. It sits right on the beach and faces the sea so it’s a great setting to start the morning.

11:30–12:15 Stroll down the beach:

It’s still fairly cool (by Goan standards) around midday so I like to take myself away from my laptop screen and stroll along the beach for a bit of “me” time. The crescent shaped beach of Palolem is about a kilometre long. Whether it’s the locals playing cricket, a cow being chased by a pack of dogs, or the fishermen hauling their boats up and down the beach. There’s always something interesting going on.

12:30–3:30 Lunch and studying at Chill Out Cafe:

I head to our favourite lunch / study space in town around 12:30. It’s called the Chill Out Cafe and specialises in Momos. These are a Nepalese delicacy which are essentially dumplings in a similar style to dim sum. They can have any number of fillings, but Chill Out is famous for it’s chicken momos. They also have a drink called a Limonana, which is lemon juice and mint with crushed ice. It’s to die for!

3:30–4 ATM run!:

Palolem is an absolute paradise….. but it’s not perfect. For some bizarre reason there are no ATM’s in the village so you have to go to the neighbouring town of Chaudi to withdraw cash. It’s about a 30 minute walk, or 5 minutes in a rickshaw.

4–5 Hammock and reading time:

Our beach huts have a front porch with a hammock attached. Mine has a view directly out to the beach. It’s at around 4 that I like to have a little swing in it and either nap or read my book. I’m currently reading “Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday. I highly recommend!

5–6:30 Kayaking:

Once the heat of the sun starts to wane, I love renting out a Kayak and paddling out to the island that sits at the far end of the beach. This is a great place to watch the sunset and if you’re lucky, see some of the local dolphins put on a show for you!

7–10 Dinner, Cards, and Cocktails

We try to pick a different place each night to have dinner which doesn’t always happen. At our beach huts we get 24/7 happy hour which is very appealing. We have some cocktails and play some cards whilst we wait for our orders, which In India can add up to a lot of cocktails! Service here is notoriously slow. Most restaurants have a ridiculous number of options on their menus. I’m sure that a lot of the time they go to buy the produce for your meal at the time you order it, which would explain how long you can sometimes wait!

Cathryn's day in Goa

7–8: Sunrise swim

The sunrise here in Palolem is beautiful. It rises behind the palm trees and the beach huts, so from the ocean you can get the best view. Also the ocean is consistently a wonderful temperature.

8:30–10: Breakfast and a book

We have some great choices for breakfast food in Palolem, and hands down my favourite spot is Little World. I get the Chai Masala tea and the little world scrambled eggs. These eggs are a fragrant and flavourful mix of Indian spices, tomato and basil. Then as I sip the chai, waiting for food to come out, I enjoy the cozy atmosphere while reading a book.

10:30–4:30 : Emails, study and more reading

During this time I find a semi secluded area to focus. This is either in my beach hut or in my hammock. Usually its the hammock. Who doesn’t love a hammock? Currently I am studying Japanese. I also used to run a marketing consultancy back home. Some of my past clients get in touch from time to time with questions so that fills some of my day.

5–8 : Dinner, sunset and socialising

Durning this time is when we all usually get together as a group to have dinner, talk and play cards. I went for the chicken tikka masala curry with cheeky naan on the side.

Matea's day in Goa

8:30–10:30 Yoga:

For less than $6 I get 2 hours of intense Hatha Yoga. Our favourite school sits at the end of the beach over a wooden bridge just on the outskirts of the jungle. What a perfect way to start the day!

10:45–12 Brunch at Zest:

Zest is a vegan & vegetarian cafe in Palolem and is a firm favourite of the group. I went for the Fruit Bowl this morning.

12–4 Study time:

Knuckled down in my hammock for a few hours of online lectures. I’m working towards an online degree in Environmental Sciences.

4–6:30 Play time!:

This is usually when we head out onto the beach. The sun sets around this time so it’s not too hot for a spot of frisbee and an hour kayaking out to the island. Today we saw 3 dolphins!

6:30–8 Cards and dinner:

We’ve been hooked recently on a game called Caracole. I won’t go into the details of how it’s played, but I won! We had dinner on the beach as usual, I went for the mouthwatering Paneer Butter Masala with a side of rice.

8–9:30 Study time:

I like to review some of the things i’ve learnt over the past couple days every evening before bed, usually whilst listening to some music in my beach hut.