Costa Rica

7th July - 6th August (30 days)

The World is Opening!

Join us in Costa Rica this summer for our first program of 2021. Spend a month living and learning in Santa Teresa, a small surf and yogi town on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Get out into the world and start living life to the fullest again, and get ahead with your studies while you're at it!

Key Program Info

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7th July - 6th August (30 days)
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What to expect from a month in Santa Teresa

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Sunrise Yoga

As a destination for health and wellness, you’ll find many yoga studios and retreats in Santa Teresa that cater to those seeking a connection between mind and body. Santa Teresa is exactly the kind of place that yogis love to flock to: Slow-paced life, serene sunsets enjoyed on the beach with an accompanying coconut, nature and wildlife all around to connect to, footwear optional, what more could an aspiring yogi want!

Drop into a yoga class, pamper yourself with massages, or meet with community healers to re-center yourself and explore energy work. This is the perfect environment for self-reflection and self-care.

Surf's Up!

Costa Rica’s reputation for being a surfing heaven is well deserved. In fact it was surfing that first turned Santa Teresa from quiet fishing enclave to a world famous tourist town. The coast line that Santa Teresa sits on is lined by waves for every level. Paddle out in your bikini in the warm tropical water and enjoy the gently breaking waves of Playa Carmen. Better yet, the beach and waves are a short walk from town, so you can jump in for a quick wave whenever the mood takes you!

Smoothie Bowls

Where there's yogis, there's always smoothie bowls! Santa Teresa is full of health conscious cafes catering for the yoga and surf crowd. This will be a perfect time to treat your body to super healthy meals all day, every day.

Pair your bowl with a freshly fallen coconut and you will be joining the ranks of insta-influencers all month long, spreading food envy across the world.

Adventures in Nature

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you can get your rush with a plethora of classic Costa Rican adventures.

Popular ziplining excursions will send you flying over the jungle canopies and across suspension bridges with the most stunning views. ATV tours will take you off-roading to secluded beaches. Horseback riding on the beach at sunset, stand-up paddleboarding, kitesurfing and scuba diving, the list goes on and on!

Cloud Forest

Hazy mist, trailing foliage, and the mysterious call of rare birds. It sounds like something from a fantasy or adventure film, but this dream world can be found in Monteverde, Costa Rica’s cloud forests. It's a perfect weekend trip from Santa Teresa!

Cloud forests take their name from their very literal nature. Often taking the form of fog, low-hanging clouds hover around the upper canopy of the forest before condensing onto the leaves of trees and dripping onto the plants below. The sky essentially comes down to the forest, enabling you to actually walk through the clouds, especially when you take a canopy tour on a suspension bridge.

Arenal Volcano

Take along weekend away from the coast in Arenal Volcano national park. It's one of the must-visit locations in Costa Rica. Lounge in hot springs fuelled by the active volcanoes heat. Trek through the jungle and chase waterfalls. Float around Costa Rica's largest lake. And indulge in a volcanic mud massage!

Tortuga Island

Take the day to journey to Tortuga island, a 45 minute boat ride from Santa Teresa. If you're lucky, on the voyage across you'll see dolphins, turtles, manta rays, and maybe even whales! Snorkel or scuba dive around the islands coastline in crystal clear waters. Then spend the afternoon hiking through the islands interior, followed by a freshly caught seafood BBQ on the beach.

What about COVID?

Entry Requirements

Costa Rica first re-opened its borders in August 2020 to citizens of select countries. Since November 1st Costa Rica has been open to travelers from all countries.  No COVID test has been required to enter the country since October 26th. 

The only requirements to enter the country are:

  1. Completing this online health pass form. The form can only be filled within 48 hours of your flight departure, not sooner).
  2. Obtaining government approved travel insurance that covers you for the entire period of your stay. As well as being normal travel insurance, it also covers you in the event that you need to quarantine if you contract COVID, and any other related expenses to contracting the virus. There are several providers which have been approved officially by the Costa Rican government, and many more international providers which meet the requirements. The cheapest government approved insurance provider (INS) costs between $150-$170 for a 30 day trip.

There is no COVID test required to enter, and there is no quarantine required on arrival. No vaccination is required, nor are vaccinated travelers treated differently.

Official Source: Costa Rica Tourism Board

Are Things Open?

Yes, mostly everything is open with health protocols in place in some instances like restricted capacity, mask-wearing, and other sanitary measures. Some noteworthy policies:

  • Restaurants, supermarkets, shops, and bars are open at 50% capacity. 
  • Beaches are open from 5am to 6pm every day. 
  • National Parks are open at 100% capacity. 
  • Hot springs, botanical gardens, and wildlife centers are open at 50% capacity
  • Tours are allowed to operate at 50% capacity.
  • Masks are required in most indoor spaces, but not outdoors.

Official source (in Spanish): Costa Rican government website

Returning Home

At the time of writing US citizens are required to have a negative COVID test to return home from any country they have traveled to. COVID tests are readily available in Santa Teresa and cost $150. There are cheaper tests available if you're willing to travel out of town.

What if I contract COVID or have symptoms while I’m there?

If you think you have COVID you must call 1322 (English speaking operators are available). Tests are free if you have symptoms. If you test positive you will be directed on the next course of action depending on your circumstances. Any quarantine or hospital visits as a result of contracting COVID will be covered by the mandatory travel insurance that you will have purchased to enter Costa Rica.

Program Fees


Ends May 15th


Ends May 30th

What's Included?

Accommodation & study space

When combining online classes with world travel, it's vitally important that you have your own space to recharge and relax. That's why each Edumad on our programs always has their own private room.

You will also have access to a study space with super fast internet and comfortable seating and desks. Perfect for keeping on top of your online classes!


You'll be living, learning and exploring alongside a handpicked group of like-minded individuals.

All participants of our programs must be taking online classes. Most are taking classes towards a degree, but not all.

90% of Edumads are 18-25 years old, with the average age being 22.

24/7 in person support

Our Program Coordinators live alongside participants for the duration of the program. They are available 24 hours a day to assist in any situation.

Beyond the Coordinators themselves, Edumadic has an extensive support network of local suppliers, agents, and advisors in each location, accumulated from both previous time on programs in that region and the personal travel experiences of all Edumadic staff.

Location guides & maps

We provide you with our own personalized maps and location guides with information collated from all our past programs as well as our own personal exploration.

We also provide a briefing on arrival, sharing with you the most important information, particularly around safety and navigating the neighborhood you will be calling home.

Organization of trips and events

The Edumadic team are on hand to organise various trips and events throughout the program.

Typically this means daily activities in the area that we live, weekly day trips to tourist hotspots, and bi-weekly overnight excursions to exciting sights and experiences that are a bit further afield.

Volunteering opportunities

In each destination you will have the opportunity to volunteer in the local environment and giveback to the community that hosts our programs.

The opportunities vary depending on the location and season, but most often they involve animal welfare, the environment, and teaching english.

Airport transfer on arrival

Landing in a new country can be stressful, and is the time that you're most vulnerable to scams. We will pick you up from the airport to make sure your time in Costa Rica starts without a hitch.

Transfers from Santa Teresa back to the airport are not included in program fees but we will assist in organizing this for you.

A life changing experience

If you believe our past Edumads, joining one of our programs is probably going to change your life!

Securing Your Place

Step 1: Complete the application

  1. Fill out the application form
  2. Book your interview

It is required that all participants of Edumadic programs are studying online. Most are taking online classes towards a degree, but you are allowed to be taking unaccredited classes.

If your current university doesn't offer online classes over summer or you are not enrolled anywhere currently, let us know. There are many organizations that offer affordable, online courses for college credit that anybody can enroll in. We can help you pick one that's a good fit for your circumstances.

Step 2: Pay your deposit

  • 50% of the total fees to secure your place.

Step 3: Pay remaining fees

  • The remaining fees will be due 30 days before the start of the program (June 7th).

COVID booking terms

  • You are able to defer your attendance to a future program (within 18 months of the original booking) for any reason if notice is given before remaining fees are due.
  • If COVID related restrictions are put in place that make it impossible for us to run the program, a full refund of all fees paid will be available up to 30 days before the start of the program.
  • If there are less than 30 days before the start of the program and COVID related restrictions are put in place which make it impossible for us to run the program, 50% of all fees paid will be refunded, and the remaining 50% can be used against a future program (within 18 months of the original booking).

If you have any questions about this program or anything else Edumadic related, feel free to email us at We'd be happy to hear from you!