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Jess T

Jess is a 24-year old from the west of England who holds a degree in Popular Music from the University of Gloucestershire.

Prior to joining Edumadic, Jess had only traveled to parts of Europe and the United States. She hadn't considered traveling on her own, and Asia was both intriguing and intimidating. While she debated pursuing a Master's degree in Music Psychology, she was also working remotely as a Social Media Evaluator and found herself in a bit of a rut. When her contract was up and she was still unsure of what career move to make next, that's when she found Edumadic!

Jess decided to take a break from the pressures of finding a job so she could pursue a few areas of interest online, and finally explore Asia with a group of new faces. She took a major leap outside of her comfort zone in order to change her perspective.

During the trip, Jess studied and received a diploma in Sound Therapy, and took a course on mindfulness-based stress reduction. She realized that you don't always have to study something to make a career out of it - genuine curiosity is reason enough!

Now that Jess has hit the reset button, she feels a renewed motivation to jump back into the job search. She's still figuring out what she wants to do in some creative capacity when she returns home, and that's okay! Edumadic gave her the freedom to consider her options, and the reassurance that no one has it all figured out. She feels more confident now to continue traveling, and to keep pushing the boundaries of her comfort zone.

When Jess isn't hard at work in her room (and blasting the AC), you can find her sampling and judging all the mojitos in every location!

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Raya is a 20 year old digital artist from Bulgaria, who now lives in London.

While on the program, she’s studying graphic design and also creating art and illustrations on a daily basis to keep her creative juices flowing. Fuelled by passion and confidence, she is determined to begin travelling and working as a digital nomad and believes that coming to Bali with Edumadic is the perfect way to begin pursuing  her dreams.

“I’m an artist, so I need some time in nature, exploring something new so i can have inspiration for new artworks.”

In just a few short days into our Bali program, Raya has blown us away with her incredible talent for not only digital art, but also the sketches she does by hand. Raya has travelled around Europe extensively, however this is her first time to Asia. Here, she looks forward to discovering not only the beauty of the islands nature, but the Balinese culture and spirituality.

Beyond her artistic talents, Raya is also passionate about dancing and yoga. She’s confident, strong and so proud of what she has made of herself, having come from very little in Bulgaria. She has listened to her heart and followed it to Bali and we are so excited to have her with us for our spring program!

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Iz grew up in Chicago but decided to study abroad for the 4 years she will be at university.

She is currently undertaking english literature and history in Edinburgh, Scotland and once finished on our Bali summer program, will be spending the next year of her course in the Netherlands.

‘I love the idea of combining travel and learning, and believe that in doing so both experiences can be enhanced. I want to see more of the world, get outside of my comfort zone, build relationships, and develop my own sense of independence and adventure’.

Whilst Iz has been at university, she has co-founded an online publication that aimed to ‘make radical thought and activism accessible’.

“There was a lot of activism happening on campus at the time, but it was very disjointed, and we were struggling to figure out how to get involved. The Rattlecap was the solution, aiming to create a space that anyone could read or contribute to. The whole process has taught me a lot about how to create and imagine, and has developed my leadership skills and confidence. I learned how rewarding it can be to create something that’s your own, and to build community around a shared voice."

Iz spends her days studying, reading, visiting her favourite bakeries and coffee shops, cooking and even runs a radio show once a week! We are so happy to have Iz join us and we are so proud of how hard she has worked on her assignments during her time here in Bali!

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Quinn is 22 year old, from Colorado and has just completed her undergraduate degree in Biology and Economics.

She attended college in Chicago and had been challenged, especially in her final year, learning to balance difficult subjects such as economics, biology as well as studying, her health, work, internships and relationships.

Quinn loves nature, being outdoors, and fitness. Whilst she doesn’t see herself as a ‘total granola hippy tree-hugger’ she feels as though she owes it to nature to learn as much as possible, which is what she’s been spending her time doing while on the program.

She is specifically interested in molecular neuroscience, molecular biology and genetics and hopes to go further with her studies in this field. During her time with us in Bali she gained clarity on her next steps academically which will be to pursue a Master’s Degree in this field.

This isn’t Quinn’s first time to Bali or even Asia! During high school, she lived in Shanghai, China with her family for two years. During this time, she was able to explore different parts of Asia, including places such as Japan, HongKong and the Philippines.

‘After all this, I can honestly say that Bali was my absolute favorite place of them all. I felt the cultural and environmental connection right away and as soon as we left, I could not wait to get back. It's just a lovely, beautiful place’ .

Edumadic is just the beginning of Quinns travels. She’s staying on after the program in Bali completing an internship, after which she will venture over to Thailand.

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Teyah is a 19 year old American from Ohio who has recently returned from a 6 month solo backpacking trip through Europe and the middle east.

During the trip she visited 16 countries, her favourite being Israel, where she lived and worked in a communal house for almost 3 months. 

“My favorite country was Israel because of the sense of community they have is so strong, I also love the dessert and met so many beautiful people there.”

Teyah funded both her 6 month backpacking trip and this current trip with Edumadic entirely herself through sheer hard work. 

“for 6 months before I left I worked 60 hours a week at three jobs to save up for it while living on my own and the trip was 100% paid for myself through all my work.  My whole life it had been my dream to do something like that and I want to keep doing it and living my dream.”

Teyah is working on design and art while on our program. She has dreams of becoming a tattoo artist, and the time and space that’s available to her during the 3 months she’s with us is giving her time to develop her skills. She’s even found a few willing volunteers on this program to practice on!

You can find Teyah on instagram @teyahcollin and you can find her tattoos here: @trippy.t.tattoos

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