We're Hiring!

Since we've been advertising programs we've had hundreds of people asking whether we have any open positions in our company and our answer has always been no, until now! 

We're looking to bring an intern along with us on our Suksakham Program to handle all things written. Your primary role will essentially be as an in-house travel blogger, documenting all the amazing experiences we'll be having throughout the 12 week program. Your secondary role is to assist the Program Leader in ensuring not only that the program runs smoothly, but that each and every one of our Edumads has an amazing and transformative 12 weeks with us.

If you've ever heard the sentence "I wish I could be paid to travel" come out of your mouth, this is your chance to make that dream a reality! A successful internship will develop into a paid position with the company that will require extensive world travel.



  1. Produce our weekly newsletter

  2. Write Edumadic Profiles for each Edumad on the program

  3. Produce written summaries of our experience in each destination

  4. Tweak and improve the existing copy on our website and in our emails

  5. Collaborate with other team members in producing content for all our social media accounts

  6. Support the Program Leader in organisation and execution of all aspects of the program

  7. Assist with administrative tasks

  8. Have a positive impact on all participants of the program from a social, educational, and experiential perspective



  1. 6 months+ travel experience: Ideally you've spent significant time in South East Asia and have travelled solo, rather than as part of an organised tour or a large group of friends.

  2. Pre-existing written presence online: This can be a blog, professional content that you've produced on behalf of a client, or any other significant body of work that allows us to judge the quality and style of your writing. This must be in English.

  3. Passion for our mission: We believe with 100% conviction that we can revolutionise both the education and travel industries, and are pioneering a whole new way of traveling. It's vital that you share this belief and our conviction in it.

  4. You will need to bring your own Laptop and unlocked smartphone that you can use internationally.


Your Personal Qualities:

  • Fiercely independent
  • Insatiably curious
  • Fun and outgoing
  • Social chameleon / butterfly, you can and do make friends with anyone and everyone
  • Adventurous


Additional Information

  • This internship is unpaid, however you will join the Suksakham program free of charge. We will also pay for appropriate travel insurance, any visas you will require to join the program, and a local SIM card for you to use in each location. 

  • Although working hours are ambiguous in this role, it is not a full time position. This means you will have plenty of time to pursue your own personal projects or educational goals whilst you're on the program, and this is encouraged. As a company, we aim to prove that world travel can be paired with personal, professional, and educational development. The Edumadic team must be a shining example of this.

  • We are a small company, with big ambitions. A successful internship will evolve into a paid position with Edumadic that will require extensive world travel organising and leading future programs. As one of the first employees of the business you will have a pivotal role in shaping the direction of the company and will be vital to its success. We are looking for people that can see themselves joining the team for several years, not just someone who likes the sound of 12 weeks free travel.


How to Apply

Pay close attention to these instructions. The application process is deliberately complicated.

Firstly, email us at careers@edumadic.com with:

  • A link to your Instagram page

  • A link / links to your written presence online

  • The subject of this email must be "Pad Thai"


  1. Follow us on Instagram.

  2. Find our recent Instagram post announcing the closing of applications for Suksakham. Comment on the post tagging three friends. Like the post, and tell the three friends you tagged to like it as well.

  3. Repost our first ever Instagram post to your own Instagram account and tag us in it. You can delete this once we've confirmed we've seen this if you'd like. We know some people's Instagram aesthetic is precious!


You must complete the above steps by the 22nd of June to be considered.


There will be further rounds to the hiring process, the details of which will be shared with those who pass the first round. The entire process will be complete no later than the 20th of July.