Week 9 in Bali

9 days into Bali and it already feels like we’ve been here a month!

First of all, oh my word the food here is incredible. Canggu is full of delicious health conscious restaurants, and the great news is they’re all laptop friendly! When we’re not lounging by our pool, in the surf, under the sea, or exploring the island, you’ll most likely find us in one of the what seems like hundreds of chic hipster cafes in the area.

For the first time in 8 weeks, we actually have weather here. During our time in India and Thailand we could probably count the amount of clouds we saw on one hand. That’s definitely changed. It rains for probably a couple hours on average every day here, which can be a welcome relief to the heat, and can be interesting if you’re out and about on a scooter, you might soon be floating down the road instead of driving!

Edumadic Profiles: Meet Marc-Antoine!

Marc is a 25 year old French-Canadian who’s spent the past 2 years working as a High School Math teacher in central China.

After a talk at his university from a past graduate about international teaching opportunities, Marc decided that this was the path he wanted to go down. He’d tutored other students during his final year at university and loved it. Teaching would allow him to combine this new found love of teaching with his desire to travel the world. So after graduating with a degree in Mathematics, he chose to return to complete another in Education. upon completing his second degree he jetted off to China to take up a role as Senior Calculus teacher, a role that would conveniently allow for 4 months holiday a year, which Marc put to good use travelling the world.

Marc and Zach met in a hostel in Goa at the beginning of 2015. Marc was making the most of his holiday time between semesters at school as he usually does, and Zach was travelling through India whilst studying online. By complete chance, the two of them bumped into each other again at the opposite end of the country two weeks later. This time in Agra, they were both there to lay eyes on the majestic Taj Mahal, Zach actually took this picture!

Fast forward 6 months and Edumadic was well on it’s way to existence, and needed more crazy people to make the dream a reality. Which is why Zach got back in touch with Marc, who luckily was looking for a new adventure.

Marc joined the Inaugural program for the first 6 weeks during time between terms at his school to help out with the day to day running of the program, and will be joining Edumadic full time in the summer!

P.S. — If you’ve been wondering who took all those amazing pictures on our instagram in India and Chiang Mai, Marc did! He has a couple of instagram accounts at @a.colourblind.photographer and @cark.in.the.world if you want to check out more of his work.

Weekly Highlights:

Surfs up!

Bali as I’m sure most of you know, is a hotspot for surfing. It would be rude then, to not give it a go whilst we’re here and see what all the hype is about. Safe to say we’re hooked!

Road trippin

We spent a day exploring a bit further afield from Canggu on our scooters. We visited a waterfall, walked along a beautiful trail through lush green rice paddies and (just about) survived some very close encounters with monkeys at the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud!

Scuba time!

Probably the second most popular aquatic past time in Bali is under the waves rather than on them. A few of the Edumads took an introductory scuba diving course and fell in love with it. They’ll be going back later this week to get certified!

A Day in the Life:

This week we followed Will for a day! This is what he got up to:


It takes me a while to get going in the morning. I usually lounge around in bed checking up on friends and family at home on social media and perhaps chatting to a few over Skype.


This morning we had our first surf lesson! We headed over to Batu Bolong (one of the many surf breaks in the area) on our scooters to meet our instructor who showed us the ropes on land before we headed out into the waves. Unbelievably we all managed to stand up a couple times, although not without some damage and complete and utter exhaustion. Surfing is hard!


Next we headed to one of the many hipster cafes that fill Canggu, to fill up on some well earned breakfast and have a post surf de-brief. Most Cafes in the area are extremely health conscious and beautifully decorated.


I like to try and hit the gym most days of the week. One of the great things about slow travel is that you can keep up fitness regimes that you have at home that regular backpacking would not allow. With the exception of India I’ve managed to stick to my regular routine pretty closely.


By this point my body is completely finished. Time for some R&R. There’s a restaurant next door to our villa which serves Nasi Goering (a typical Indonesian dish) for just over a dollar, and it is exactly what I needed. That, and a dip in the pool to cool off after my workout.


In the hottest part of the day I like to find some AC in a nearby cafe or in the comfort of our villa and knuckle down to some studying. I’m currently working through the final credits required to complete my degree. 


Time to relax! A few casual beers, some cards and dinner take up the time between sun down and the evening’s activities. after a brief hiatus in Chiang Mai, Caracole (our card game of choice) is back on the menu!

9 — ????

Canggu has a thriving bar scene, which we dipped our toes in this evening. A bar / restaurant called Old Man’s was the venue. Fortunately on this night it came alive with a live band playing what I think is called Calypso music? Canggu attracts all manner of interesting people so it was a great opportunity to meet some new people from all over the world.