Week 10 in Bali

We’re coming towards the end of our 3rd week here in Canggu, and scarily close to the end of our inaugural program!

Another week has meant another week of delicious food, exploring the island and even a day of house arrest! Balinese New Year was on Tuesday and was perhaps the most bizarre New Years any of us have ever celebrated.

Next week we’ll be heading to the enchanting island of Komodo, so study will be taking a back seat for a while. As a result all our Edumads have been focusing on getting ahead of their study schedules. Despite that, we’ve still had some interesting experiences this week!

Edumadic Profiles: Meet Baptiste!

Baptiste is a French 25 year old who’s been living the nomadic dream for well over a year now.

Baptiste Graduated with a degree in Political Science in the summer of 2015 and immediately joined the start-up he had been interning for as part of his Masters.

After 3 months in the real world, Baptiste figured conventional employment wasn’t for him.

He freelanced as a product manager for 4 months at which point he felt he was established enough to take on the Digital Nomad dream from Asia.

The original plan was to live the truly nomadic life, spending a month in each country around South East Asia. This plan was de-railed when he fell in love with his first stop, Bali.

After 6 months of living and working in paradise, an old friend came to Baptiste with an app idea that she thought could be a big hit, particularly among health conscious Millennials. This idea developed into @KnowEatAll.

Baptiste has been working on the development of this app whilst on the inaugural Edumadic program. He thought he would get valuable advice and insight from the community that he’d be spending 12 weeks with from both business and customer perspectives.

He also served as our resident expert for all things Bali, having spent so much time there already!

You can find Baptiste on Instagram @bapi

Weekly Highlights:

Ate like a King / Hipster / Yogi

You could spend a lifetime visiting the many cafés and restaurants in Canggu and never get bored. Whether you’re an avocado fanatic, salad lover, gluten free, palaeolithic vegan, or you just love local, Indonesian cuisine, you’ll never run out of options in Canggu. The food here, as in all of our locations, has truly been a delight to savour.

Celebrated Balinese New Year

If you spend New Year in Bali it will be the most relaxed in your life. New Years Day in Bali always occurs some time in March (this year the 28th) and is celebrated by a day of complete silence. The night before, effigies of evil spirits are paraded through Bali and then burned to symbolise their banishment from our lives.

The day of Nyepi, from 6am to 6am the following day, the entire island appears deserted. Nobody is allowed to leave their homes, engage in any work or pleasure or even use electricity. This is to show the evil spirits that there is nobody to trouble on the island, in which case they will leave the Balinese free from torment for another year.

Climbed an active Volcano!

A 3 hour scooter drive, 3:30am wake up call, and 2 hours of hiking up decades old lava flows in the total darkness. It was all worth it to see the milky way as we hiked and a beautiful sunrise when we reached the summit. And yes Mount Batur is an active volcano! Our breakfast was cooked on the smouldering rocks on the craters edge!

A Day in the Life:

This week we followed Josh for a day! This is what he got up to:

8:30–9: Wake up and dip in the pool

I wake up and check for any messages from back home. Potentially call a few friends or family to catch up. Then I like to take a quick swim in the clear blue pool of our villa. Sometimes encounter our neighboring roommates and talk about plans for the day.

9–11: Hunting for Food and the “Perfect” Cafe

The famous smoothie bowls and salads that Bali offers isn’t really my cup of tea so I usually end up hunting for “Warungs” (the locally owned restuarants) around town. Most of the time at these places, you just pick and point to what you want and a huge delicious combination of food will just end up in your plate. There’s tons of them! My favorite being Varuna Warung or Warung Bu Mi.

Afterwards, I’m looking for a new cafe to spend most of my day of doing work or planning events. I judge cafes here by comfortability (a/c, seating, free water), internet speed, and of course if they have a outlets for charging my laptop. Currently my favorite spots are Hungry Bird Coffee and Oka’s Bakery.

11–3: Work Crunch

Of course, the most important part of the day depends on how much studying and work I’m able to accomplish by the end of the day. Unfortunately, Edumadic is coming to an end and I’m trying to squeeze as much information and take it all in before I head back home. After that, I’ll start applying this knowledge for networking or starting my own personal developments.

3–5: Villa Relaxation

It’s a much different vibe here than I had in Thailand, but very similar to what I had in India. It’s overwhelmingly relaxing and tranquil. After a long session of studying, I go back to the villa and take another swim in the pool, talk with some friends, or just flat out take a nap for an hour or two.

5–7: Dinner / Late Lunch

Similar to the morning, I’m always trying to find new places to eat, whether it’s just small stands in one corner of the street or discovering a food market with live music and happy hour cocktails in another.

7–10: Fun and Games

By this time, it’s “storytelling” time with the rest of the group. The inaugural program is coming to a conclusion for the rest of us so everyone’s talking about their decisions and plans Post-Edumadic.

We’ve also discovered new group games to play with such as the card game “President” or the ever so famous game of “Mafia”. Personally, Mafia’s been a favorite just because it always leads to crazy amounts of laughter and just overall fun.

10 — ?: Reflections and Medium Writing

I’ve recently got into writing reflections and thoughts on Medium.com. Living in 3 different countries over the course of 3 months undoubtedly gave me a new perspective on the world. Now, I have an indescribable urge to write down my lingering impressions and general opinion.