Week 7 in Chiang Mai

We’ve been super busy this week! We had a couple of all day excursions further afield which I’ll talk about below, as well as plenty of little adventures and experiences during the day and evening as always, such as a cooking class and watching the local football team win 5–0!

Our time in Chiang Mai will soon come to an end and we’ll be swapping the bustle of city life and serviced apartments for the tropical scenery of Bali and a plush Villa with a pool. Chiang Mai has been great but we can’t wait to feel the sand between our toes and the salt in our hair once more!

Edumadic Profiles: Meet Jorien!

Jorien is a Dutch 23 year old who had just returned from a stint in Andalucia working for a tour operator before she joined the Inaugural Edumadic program.

Jorien is from a small town in rural Holland, and as a result has always wanted to get out and see more of the world. She’s spent the last 3 years doing just that, travelling around the world, mainly as a model. She spent a year and a half in Milan, 3 months each in Istanbul and Athens, 6 months in China, and 6 months in Andalucia. It’s safe to say she’s caught the travel bug! After so long working on the road, Jorien wanted to take some time for herself to decide what’s next.

“I feel at this age people have pressure from family and friends that you need to have some stability in life, but for me my mind is full of creative ideas pulling me in different directions. These 12 weeks will serve as a great way to figure out exactly which path I want to take as well as being a welcome break from work life!”

Jorien actually completed a diploma in Tourism whilst she was abroad, so has already been combining remote studying with travel for some time. She’ll be finishing off a Spanish course that she started whilst she was working in Andalucia and also work on some entrepreneurial ideas that she wants to explore. She’s also really into her fitness and likes to keep her body guessing. Whether it’s Yoga in India, Muay Thai in Thailand, or Surfing in Bali, Jorien is always keen to try something new!

You can follow Jorien on instagram @jorienleferink

Weekly Highlights

Visited an elephant sanctuary

This week we visited the Elephant Nature Park, a sanctuary for disabled and abused Elephants. Their aim is to rescue Elephants from bad situations in the tourism and illegal logging industries and rehabilitate them. There is no riding of elephants here, nor are there any circus style performances. The center focuses on educating its visitors about these amazing animals and nurturing the Elephants back to health. 

Explored Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon is the name of the highest mountain in Thailand. In it are a bucket load of nature trails, waterfalls, and culturally significant landmarks. This is just one of the many waterfalls we encountered, what a beauty!

Thai Cooking Class

We’re in unanimous agreement that Thai street food is the best in the world, with it’s crowning glory being this dish, Pad Thai. In the hopes of taking this scrumptious cuisine home with us, we participated in a cooking class where we learnt to make Pad Thai along with a Thai Green Curry, another classic.

A Day in the Life

This week we followed Melissa for a day! This is what she got up to:


I’m not a morning person, so I use this time to catch up with friends and family via text/FaceTime/Skype. With a 12hr time difference its the best time for everyone and I get to stay in bed longer.


My search for the worlds greatest smoothie bowl continuesso many options! I also write a bit during this time, whether it’s personal reflection or a draft for my next blog post. I’m also catching up on a ton of new music on Spotify and adding to playlists to listen to throughout the day.


I study best in longer stretches of time, so I pick a café in the Nimman area to work from, and if I need a change of scenery I’ll try a new place or head over to the CAMP work space in the Maya mall. I’m taking courses on entrepreneurship and customer relationship management, but also taking time to job search and network with startups to start preparing for whatever happens post-Edumadic.


Pre-dinner Thai massage. It hurts so good and is the perfect way to relieve any stress from the day.


I’ll catch up with fellow Edumads for dinner, whether we explore a food market for cheap eats or head to our favourite Mexican spot, it’s a good time to catch up.

9pm — 2am?:

We’re always up for pre-gaming with a few games of pool before a night out of dancing and club hopping. Chiang Mai nightlife is pretty vibrant and we’re known to follow the backpacker scene from Zoe's to Spicy to…Burger King. Or pad thai from a street cart. Depends on the kind of night we have!