Week 4 in….. Hampi

We’ve left India! After a month of literally living on the beach, we’re sad to say goodbye to the sun, sea, sand, cows and most of all, the puppies that lived around our beach huts.

We spent the past week more like backpackers than Edumads, so we didn’t get an awful lot of studying in. BUT, we did see the beautiful town of Hampi and its surrounding landscape, and spent a couple of days in the tech hub of Bangalore before flying out to Chiang Mai. It was quite the experience seeing the chaos of an Indian city. Flying through the traffic in a rickshaw is something we won't be forgetting in a hurry!

Edumadic Profiles: Meet Cathryn!

Cathryn is a 21 year old Canadian who ran her own online marketing business before joining Edumadic. She’d just returned from 3 weeks travelling in Europe when she heard about Edumadic. She was actually already planning to travel to South Korea and Japan in the Spring of this year, so the timing of the program fit perfectly with her schedule!
Unlike so many of her peers, Cathryn decided to hold off on going to university straight after graduating High School.
“I chose instead to go out and gather some real life experiences in what I would be pursuing as a career. I wanted to test and see what I actually enjoy verses what I just like the idea of. This decision took a lot of mental determination to make and stick with. At the time I faced a lot of peer pressure from my high school friends, who all went to university right out of school. They would consistently say things like “how are you ever going to be successful without going to school?”, “You are going to regret waiting.” and so on.”
Whilst travelling through Europe, Cathryn learnt a lot about herself and the world around her. She learnt that beautiful sights, friendships, and experiences lay in wait outside of your comfort zone, if you’re brave enough to venture there.
Cathryn is pursuing a few things whilst on the Program. She’s studying Japanese and coding, as well as working on her online marketing company.

Weekly Highlights:

Explored the ruins of the Vijayanagar Empire

Hampi is a small town in the state of Karnataka which is recognised as a UNSECO World Heritage Site because of its rich history as the capital of the Vijayanagar Empire. At it’s peak, this Empire was the biggest in the world. As well as the ruins of the ancient city, the area is also littered with temples from the time of the Empire and before.

Swam in our own private pool

We stumbled upon this natural pool amidst volcanic rocks that litter the landscape around Hampi. The water was crystal clear and ice cold, a welcome relief from the 100 degree heat!

Watched stunning sunsets

Hampi is nestled in some really bizarre topography. The town is surrounded by hills made up of volcanic boulders. Between these hills there are lush green rice paddies interspersed with palm trees. The result of these features is some wonderful viewing points to watch some quite breathtaking sunsets!

A Day in the Life:

This week we followed Josh for a day (whilst we were still in Goa). This is what he got up to:

9–11 Study at our beach huts:

I usually spend the morning sat in our accommodation’s lounge area getting some studying in. It's right on the beach and faces the sea so it’s a great setting to start the morning.

11:30–12:15 Stroll down the beach:

It’s still fairly cool (by Goan standards) around midday so I like to take myself away from my laptop screen and stroll along the beach for a bit of “me” time. The crescent shaped beach of Palolem is about a kilometre long. Whether it’s the locals playing cricket, a cow being chased by a pack of dogs, or the fishermen hauling their boats up and down the beach. There’s always something interesting going on.

12:30–3:30 Lunch and studying at Chill Out Cafe:

I head to our favourite lunch / study space in town around 12:30. It’s called the Chill Out Cafe and specialises in Momos. These are a Nepalese delicacy which are essentially dumplings in a similar style to dim sum. They can have any number of fillings, but Chill Out is famous for its chicken momos. They also have a drink called a Limonana, which is lemon juice and mint with crushed ice. It’s to die for!

3:30–4 ATM run!:

Palolem is an absolute paradise….. but it’s not perfect. For some bizarre reason there are no ATM’s in the village so you have to go to the neighbouring town of Chaudi to withdraw cash. It’s about a 30 minute walk, or 5 minutes in a rickshaw.

4–5 Hammock and reading time:

Our beach huts have a front porch with a hammock attached. Mine has a view directly out to the beach. It’s at around 4 that I like to have a little swing in it and either nap or read my book. I’m currently reading “Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday. I highly recommend!

5–6:30 Kayaking:

Once the heat of the sun starts to wane, I love renting out a Kayak and paddling out to the island that sits at the far end of the beach. This is a great place to watch the sunset and if you’re lucky, see some of the local dolphins put on a show for you!

7–10 Dinner, Cards, and Cocktails

We try to pick a different place each night to have dinner which doesn’t always happen. At our beach huts we get 24/7 happy hour which is very appealing. We have some cocktails and play some cards whilst we wait for our orders, which In India can add up to a lot of cocktails! Service here is notoriously slow. Most restaurants have a ridiculous number of options on their menus. I’m sure that a lot of the time they go to buy the produce for your meal at the time you order it, which would explain how long you can sometimes wait!