Week 3 in Goa

Our time in Palolem is coming to an end :(. We spent the week exploring the local area on scooters, kayaking with dolphins, and of course studying!

Tomorrow we leave for Hampi, a stunning world heritage site in the heart of Karnataka. And then onto Bangalore, and ultimately our next stop, Chiang Mai!

Edumadic Profile: Meet Matea!

Matea is a 19 year old German who recently returned from 8 months in Australia. Since she’s been home, Matea has been working as a waitress and barmaid at a hotel, whilst she figures out what next step she wants to take in life.

Matea decided against going straight to university after High school, mainly because she couldn’t imagine being tied down to one city for the next 3 years of her life. So just like so many young Europeans, she decided to head off to the other side of the world to have some fun!

Living and travelling around Australia was a life changing experience for Matea. It’s given her clarity on what she wants to study next as well as teaching her so many lessons about life itself, as backpacking so often does.

“Through travel you can learn so much about yourself and others. it seems like an absolutely necessary thing for me to do”

Matea joined Edumadic because she wanted to continue learning about the world through travel, but also wanted to start learning about Environmental Science, something that sparked her interest whilst in Australia.

Matea is studying Marine and Antarctic Science remotely via a course put together by the University of Tasmania.

Weekly Highlights:

Joined the fisherman for a day

We spent an afternoon whizzing around Palolem bay in one of the local fisherman’s boats. We visited a couple of secluded beaches only accessible by boat and also saw a handful of dolphins!

Kayaked, a lot

Kayaking around the bay at sunset has become almost a daily activity. For $1.50 an hour, you can't blame us! It’s a great workout and if you’re lucky you’ll see dolphins!

Spent an afternoon beach hopping

There are some beautiful beaches around Palolem. We rented ourselves scooters one afternoon and visited a few. Our final stop was Cola beach, which is backed by a fresh water river, a thin stretch of beach separating it from the sea.

Found the “real” Goa

On our way back from Cola we stumbled upon this pretty picture. Fisherman's wives sorting through the days catch ready for the market tomorrow.

A Day in the Life

This week we followed Cathryn for the day. This is what she got up to:

7–8: Sunrise swim

The sunrise here in Palolem is beautiful. It rises behind the palm trees and the beach huts, so from the ocean you get an amazing view. Also the ocean is consistently a wonderful temperature.

8:30–10: Breakfast and a book

We have some great choices for breakfast food in Palolem, and hands down my favourite spot is Little World. I get the Chai Masala tea and the Little World scrambled eggs. These eggs are a fragrant and flavourful mix of Indian spices, tomato and basil. While waiting for food to come out, I sip my chai and enjoy the cozy atmosphere while reading a book.

10:30–4:30: Emails, study and more reading

During this time I find a semi secluded area to focus. This is either in my beach hut or in my hammock. Usually its the hammock. Who doesn’t love a hammock? Currently I am studying Japanese. I also used to run a marketing consultancy back home. Some of my past clients get in touch from time to time with questions so that fills some of my day.

5–8: Dinner, sunset and socialising

Durning this time is when we all usually get together as a group to have dinner, talk and play cards. I went for the chicken tikka masala curry with cheeky naan on the side.