Introducing Our Weekly Newsletter!

We’ll be running a weekly newsletter over the coming 11 weeks to keep you in the loop with our inaugural program.

We wanted to give you a brief insight into what we’ll be including in these newsletters as well as some of the highlights from our first week.

Edumadic Profiles:

Each week we’ll be introducing you to one of our brave and pioneering Edumads. We’ll tell you a bit about their background, their motivations for joining the program and what they are going to be pursuing during the 12 weeks.

Here’s a sneak peak at who you’ll be meeting!

From left to right: Marc, Will, Melissa, Matea, Zach, Cathryn, Chris, Josh, Baptiste, and Jorien

From left to right: Marc, Will, Melissa, Matea, Zach, Cathryn, Chris, Josh, Baptiste, and Jorien

Weekly Highlights:

We’ll give you an insight into what we’ve been doing outside of our studies, here’s a few highlights from our first week living and studying in Goa!

Searched for Baba, found solace in a fresh water lake instead:

Babas” as they’re called, are holy men who are scattered all across india. Most have a cult-like following, live in the desert or jungle and dish out pearls of wisdom to those that seek them out.

The Baba we trekked through the jungle to find had been living under the same tree for the past 40 years. On arrival we learned that he had sadly, “gone”. We did however, find this beautiful fresh water lake on the way back to civilisation.

Shopped till we dropped:

We visited North Goa for a couple of nights last week and hit up the famous Saturday Night Market. It was a great opportunity to sharpen our negotiating skills. We like to think we picked up a few bargains!

Got lucky on the kayaks at sunset:

We went on a group expedition out to the island which sits at the northern tip of our bay in the hopes that we’d catch a glimpse of some of the dolphins that supposedly can be seen in the area. We managed to see 7 inquisitive individuals as close as 10 metres from us!

A Day in the Life:

We’ll follow a different Edumad each week for a day and let you know how they spent it. This will give you a great insight into what you can expect your time to look like if you join an Edumadic program in the future.