We're probably not for you if.....

You just want a bit of fun

We’re not saying you’re not going to have fun, far from it. But if that is your highest priority, you’re probably not going to want to spend any time studying or focusing on whatever it is you intended to. Even just a few people with this attitude could significantly tip the dynamic of the group. We know from personal experience that being surrounded by people out having fun all day, every day, makes concentrating on achieving something meaningful infinitely harder.

If you are looking for unadulterated hedonism, you’re much better off gallivanting around the South East Asian backpacker circuit for a few months. You’ll definitely find it there.


You want to see all the sights

We stay in each location for four weeks. Obviously this does restrict your ability to explore the country we’re in to a certain degree. We take this approach because in our experience having some sort of routine and familiarity makes a world of difference when you’re trying to study or work abroad. We also feel that the real value in going somewhere is understanding its culture, the best way to do that is to know its people. You can’t build relationships with locals in three days. We wrote a whole article on the benefits of slow travel here.


You have no idea what you want to pursue

Traveling is a great way to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life. All your senses, beliefs, and skills will be constantly challenged. You’ll also meet hundreds of people from all over the world, with different opinions, experiences, and backgrounds that you can learn from.

We believe that if you’re at this stage, you are better served travelling alone, with the complete flexibility and freedom that solo travel allows. If you meet an amazing bunch of people, you’ll be able to change your plans to spend more time with them. If you hear there’s an all knowing Yogi in the foothills of the Himalayas that takes four days of hard trekking to reach, you’ll be able to go. If you complete your PADI certification and decide you want to spend the rest of your life 50 metres underwater, you’ll be able to spend the next year on the island of Koh Tao making that dream a reality.

Yes you will be exposed to all the mind bending experiences that you would get from travelling alone, and yes you will meet amazing people from all over the world. And yes if you don’t know how you want to spend the rest of your life, the community and experience we put together will certainly help you do that. We just think there are better ways you can do that, at an even cheaper price tag.


You’re afraid of change and the unknown

All of our programs go to regions that have very different cultures to what you're probably used to if you're from a first world country. If you've never left your home county, you might feel like you've landed in another world entirely. This can have one of two effects on people:

1. You'll be amazed but what greets you and relish the opportunities and challenges that this new world you find yourself in presents.


2. You'll be terrified of this strange new environment, this strange looking people, this strange new food and this strange language that everyone is speaking and be wanting to hop on the next flight back home.

The latter really does happen to a small minority of people embarking on a backpacking trip. I've heard more than one story of people flying home after just 3 days in Thailand. 

Some people don't see the opportunity for growth that new experiences and environments presents to you. Some people have never had their world view challenged in their whole life, and when they get hit by this new experience they don't like it. 

You should be sure that finding yourself in an alien world is something that excites you, rather than terrifies you. The worst thing for both you and us would for you to get off the plane, only to turn around and rush back onto the next one out of there. 


You’re really, really rich

If money were no object, you could wander aimlessly for a whole year across the entire world as quickly or slowly as your heart desires. When you get bored of that you could enroll at a prestigious university and learn from the best lecturers in the world.

Or if like us, you aren’t convinced of the value of a university degree, you could apply for Remote Year and travel the world for 12 months whilst studying or working. To be honest, that’s probably what we would have done if we could afford to.

One of the biggest appeals of our program is that you don’t have to sacrifice travel for education, or vice versa. Another one is that you’ll probably spend less on one of our programs than you would have for the same amount of time at home. These don’t really apply if you have a bottomless pit of cash.