Slow Travel

Most travellers race round the world, cramming in as many Instagram posts as their phone memory allows. Spending two nights in a hostel and taking a few pictures of a places teaches you very little that you couldn’t find out by reading Lonely Planet, and only serves to impress your friends and family back home. The longer you travel like this the more you’ll realise that such experiences are hollow. The truth is you will never see everything. So stop trying.

Slow travel is an approach to seeing the world which means taking more time to visit less places. We've found it had a whole host of benefits, which left us with much more fulfilling, interesting, and eye opening experiences.

To truly understand a place, you have to understand its people. This requires time. Time spent sitting out in the surf. Time spent wandering aimlessly through the local market. Time spent in that hole in the wall restaurant with no tourists in sight where the food costs half what you think it should, and tastes twice as good. This is where you meet the real people that live in this place that you call paradise. And it’s these people that will teach you about the local culture. These are the lessons that can’t be taught from a guide book, and are where the real value lies in travelling.

Travelling slowly is much kinder on the wallet. You can take time to find the best value accommodation. You can figure out the real prices, enjoying the back and forth of negotiating for a scooter, a surfboard or that beautiful ornament you saw at the market. You’ll also save a fortune on taxis, trains, and airfares that you would have spent hopping from place to place.

It gives you time to consider your next move carefully. Nothing is a “must see”. You don’t need to tick off everything in the guide book. Take time to explore the area around you intimately. Talk to people and find out what they recommend. You’ll find that most travellers do try and cram it all in. They’ll often tell you where they wish they could have spent longer and where wasn’t worth the journey. Let them do your research for you.

Recognise that there’ll always be a next time. This is as true for people as it is places. We believe this not necessarily because it is true, but because we’d be heartbroken if it wasn’t. We’ve met amazing people who circumstance denied us from knowing as well as we’d wished. As long as you can contact them, there’s always the chance that you’ll cross paths again. 

Travelling slowly is the only way to combine it with study. Routine is extremely important when it comes to being productive in places where there is so much distraction. That routine becomes challenging when you move from place to place every three days. Constant movement means that your brain is bombarded with new information which leaves little energy to focus on your studies.

Because of all the above, Edumadic adopts the philosophy of slow travel. This allows us to provide fantastic value accommodation, and allows you to become part of the communities that you live in, rather than being another tourist watching from the outside. Most importantly it gives you the time and energy to focus on achieving something tangible in your academic pursuits whilst you’re with us.