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The Edumadic Academy was created to bring the most exciting and enriching way to pursue your online education to the masses.

Through the academy we teach you everything you need to know to travel the world while you're taking online classes. Learn how to live like a Global Citizen, traveling to the most amazing destinations that you can think of, without missing a beat on your classes.

The best part? Using what we teach, you can live around the world for less than it would cost to live on campus!

Who's the Academy for?

Taking College Classes Online

If all your classes are online, why not take them from tropical beaches, historic European cities, or remote Asian islands?

Our approach to world travel ensures you stay on track with your studies while living anywhere your heart desires. We'll teach you exactly how to plan a trip to anywhere, whether it be for 1 month or 12, all while staying on top of your classes.

Planning a Gap Year

Looking for a purposeful way to spend a year out? Whether you're straight out of high school, just graduated college, or somewhere in between, living abroad while learning online is the perfect blend of formal and informal personal development.

Looking for a better way to Study Abroad

Using the knowledge gained through our course you can:

  • Study abroad from anywhere in the world, instead of only at approved partner universities
  • Travel for any amount of time, be it 1 month or 12, instead of the fixed dates of a semester or year program
  • Live in multiple locations, instead of just one
  • Guarantee that all the classes you take while living abroad will transfer, instead of fighting to get them approved
  • Save $15,000 compared to a traditional study abroad semester!

At Edumadic, we've been devoted to guiding online learners around the world since 2016.

During that time we've learnt:

  • The best way to travel to make sure that you can stay on track with your studies
  • How to find locations all over the world that are affordable, beautiful, exciting, and comfortable enough to spend a month or more living and thriving in as an online student
  • How to find accommodation at the local price, up to 60% cheaper than listings on Airbnb
  • How to prepare for your trip so the whole experience goes as smoothly as possible

In the Academy we share all this information and much more, giving you the freedom to organize your own Edumadic adventure!

Academy Curriculum

1. Introduction to the Academy


Introduction to the course

We will tell you what's possible using the knowledge shared through the academy, and run you through the curriculum in detail. We'll also give you an overview of how to navigate the academy's different sections, and give some important notes on the content.

Meet your Instructor

Of course it's important to know who your instructor is! We'll tell you why Zach is the best (maybe only?) person in the world to teach you how to combine online studies with world travel.

2. Traveling as an Online Student


What is an Edumad?

If you're traveling the world while studying online, you're an Edumad. Yes, we made that word up! We think it rolls of the tongue much better than "traveling online student". We will define what an Edumad is, and how their goals set them apart from other types of travelers.

Why be an Edumad?

There are many other ways that young people travel, all have their merits. But we think being an Edumad has huge advantages over other approaches to travel like a traditional study abroad semester or a gap year program.

Best style of Travel for an Edumad

Keeping on track with your online classes while traveling can be tricky, but we've figured it out! We know the specific style of travel that makes combining online classes with traveling and living abroad possible.

3. Researching Locations



Geo-what? This concept is what makes it possible to live abroad for less than it would cost to live on campus at college in the US. We'll introduce you to it and explain how best to apply it as an Edumad.

Making a shortlist

You've got the whole world to explore, so where do you start?! We'll help you narrow down the parts of the world that might suit you based on some broad criteria such as budget, interests, and your appetite for adventure!

11 vital factors to consider when choosing locations

There's a lot of things (11 to be exact) to consider when choosing where to live out the Edumadic dream of studying online from around the world. We'll share what those factors are, and then teach you how to carry out research to find out if a location fits the bill.

4. Finding Accommodation


Finding a Neighborhood

Now that you've decided on a location, next step is to pick a neighborhood! The area that you live in can drastically change how you experience a location, so it's important that you know what living in different neighborhoods will be like. We'll show you how to find the perfect neighborhood to match the lifestyle you want to live.

Airbnb for Edumads

Airbnb is the most obvious way to find accommodation abroad. It's the most expensive method we know, but we do sometimes use it to help our accommodation search. We'll show you how to use it as an Edumad to make sure you get the best price possible.

6 other methods for finding accommodation

There's 6 other methods that we've discovered over the years for finding accommodation. They're normally 20-80% cheaper than listings you'll find on Airbnb. The secrets we share in this part of the academy alone will save you much more than the cost of joining!

5. Preparing for your Trip


Banking & Finances

We wish accessing your finances was as simple as it is at home when you're traveling the world, but it's not. Something as simple as withdrawing money from an ATM can cause all kinds of headaches, and it's easy to get screwed in all manner of ways. There's some steps you need to take before leaving that will ensure you avoid the common mistakes that newbie travelers make when it comes to accessing and spending money abroad.

Booking Flights

We'll make sure you know how to properly search for and book flights. There's key principles that you'll always want to follow as an Edumad to make sure you're not paying more than necessary to get from A to B.

Packing Smartly

Everybody gets packing wrong the first few times they travel. Zach will share with you principles that allow him to travel the world for months at a time (sometimes years) with only hand luggage!

Visas & other entry requirements

Which visa do you need to visit a country as an online student? And what criteria do I need to meet to get one? We'll tell you where to find that information and give you some sneaky hacks so you can stay longer than a visa allows, without breaking the law!


We'll make sure you're prepared for the less sexy side of traveling, when things go wrong. We know what's most important when choosing travel insurance, and what to look out for in the small print. We can also give some broad advice on medications and immunizations for travel abroad.

Key local Information

There's some final information you'll want to collect before departing to make sure your arrival goes smoothly. Collecting this key local information before departing will make sure you can avoid the most common issues encountered when you first step off the plane, which is when you're most vulnerable.

6. Arrival Checklist


Here we'll walk you through all the steps you need to take in the first 2 weeks to set you up for a life changing and productive experience as an Edumad.

Days 1 - 3

In the first few days you'll need to avoid all the scams waiting for you at the airport, get your phone and internet package set up properly, and take those first steps to making sure you settle in as well as possible.

Days 3 - 10

In the first week you'll want to start making connections with locals, finding places to study from around the neighborhood, and probably start buying some items that you didn't want to fly with. 

Days 10 and beyond

And of course once you've got yourself settled in you'll want to start building the perfect routine that you were dreaming of before you arrived!

Meet your Instructor

Zach Clenaghan

Zach is the founder of Edumadic, an avid surfer and aspiring yogi!

He's been actively involved in organizing and operating every program that Edumadic has run since it's inception in 2016, and has attended 90% of them.

Outside of Edumadic programs, Zach has traveled to 55 countries, and lived in 12. Over the past 5 years he's slept in 200 accommodations, and taken 300 flights. He's been building Edumadic alongside all this travel, so he knows a thing or two about staying productive while on the road.

Zach's experience both running Edumadic programs, and traveling extensively outside of them, means there is likely nobody better placed to teach how to combine online learning with world travel.


"Edumadic came into my life at the perfect time! Once I found the program, I applied for a Masters program which could be completed entirely online. Fast forward a few months, I was studying a field that I’m extremely passionate about, all while traveling South East Asia"


"Yes, travelling and studying could co-exist; no, foreigners are not monsters; and hey, I can and I will do the crazy things like cliff jumping, free diving, and windsurfing"


"Overall, Edumadic helped me to further my international education without the price of overseas tuition."

Allison E

"Edumadic allowed me to compromise with society and live life in the way I had always dreamt, while still accomplishing my expected education goals with online courses through the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee"

Erin P

"You don’t have to choose between a dream of traveling and an education."

Taylor L

"I’ve gained such confidence in this way of life that I’m continuing to travel and study online for the foreseeable future! The whole experience allowed me to reinvent the way I study and rediscover the way I travel."


"my campus was wherever I wanted it to be."


"Through Edumadic, I found the confidence to work and study in different parts of the world, and thrive doing so."

Launch Price ends in:


Price: $297

  • 12+ hours of video lectures
  • Trip planning workbook
  • Free example trip plan
  • Online community
  • Weekly Q&A
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Is it Worth the Money?

  1. Module 4 alone is worth the cost of the Academy many times over. Using the strategies we teach there to find accommodation will save you $100s every month that you're abroad!
  2. Using the strategies in module 3 (Researching Locations) will make sure that you choose a part of the world where it's actually possible to study online while enjoying an exciting and enriching life outside of time on your laptop.
  3. Module 5 (Preparing for your Trip) will make sure you avoid all the mistakes novice travelers make. Mistakes that can easily cost thousands of dollars!

Plus these Launch Bonuses!

Full Refund if you go Edumadic!

The absolute craziest bonus of them all. If you use what we teach to plan and go on your own Edumadic trip (and you can prove it), we'll refund you the whole cost of the course!

Our mission at Edumadic is to encourage students to think differently about how they navigate their time both pursuing an education, and traveling and living in the world. What better way to do this than by giving away everything we've learnt about this way of life for free!

$149 value

Free trip plan review

Throughout the course you'll be encouraged to plan your own trip using the methods we're teaching. When you've completed the course, and your trip plan, we'll review it for free, making sure you've not made any mistakes in your preparation. and checking that you've considered everything you need to before putting the plan into action. The review will include feedback on the entire trip planning workbook that you have completed throughout the program, plus 2 hours of consultation calls to make sure your trip plan is perfect for your unique requirements.

$200 value

$149 discount on your first Edumadic program

This course teaches you everything you need to go on your own Edumadic adventure. But if you're a bit nervous about traveling alone, or you think traveling with a community of other online learners would make the experience much better, we'd love you to join us for one of our programs! Once you've attended one program we're sure you'll be ready to put everything we've taught into practice in the future.

$149 value

Remote Productivity Course

When you tell your friends and family that you're planning on completing your online classes from the beaches of Bali and the cafes of Europe, they'll probably tell you that there's no way you'll actually do any studying. It's true that it's harder to stay on track with your studies when you're surrounded by exciting new adventures and immersed in foreign cultures. There's so much to do that isn't studying, and it's easy to let your classes become an after-thought.

We've been helping Edumads balance online classes with world travel for 5 years now, so we know a lot about staying productive in potentially distracting environments. We share it all in this bonus course!

$50 value

Side-Hustles for Online Students Course

How will you fund all these travels? Through an online side-hustle, that's how! This bonus course covers:

The future of work

The way we provide value in the world was already moving away from the typical 9 to 5 grind. COVID-19 has moved that shift forward 10 years. We'll lay out where the future of work is heading, and how you can prepare for it while you're an Edumad.

Introduction to freelancing

As a student who's traveling the world, you can earn money to subsidize your time abroad and gain valuable work experience by freelancing online. We'll introduce you to freelancing and how to get started with it.

Best digital skills to learn

There are some skills that are far better suited to freelancing (and earning money online) than others. We'll share them here and help you decide which skill best fits you.

$99 value


Where do I take this course?


The course will be delivered 100% online, through the Teachable online course platform.

How is this course delivered?


The course is a series of video lectures, all with accompanying slides and / or other resources to equip you with all the knowledge you need to plan your own trip to anywhere in the world while studying online.

How long is the course?


The course content is more than 12 hours of video lectures. In addition to watching the videos, you'll also be asked to complete a trip planning workbook. If you complete the workbook, you will have planned your own Edumadic adventure! Including the work required to plan your own trip with the workbook, you will have spent about 30 hours on the course.

What if I just want to travel, without studying online?


In the academy, we teach an approach to travel that's specifically designed to help you stay productive while abroad. If you just want to travel, and see as much of the world as you can for as little money as possible, we suggested that you travel as a backpacker. There are many books and resources that teach exactly how to do that. If you want to do anything productive, that involves a laptop, then our approach to travel is perfect for you.

I've never been abroad before, is this for me?


Foreign countries are not anywhere near as dangerous as the media will lead you to believe, you'll learn this very quickly in your first trip abroad. But we understand that catching a flight to a faraway land on your own is still very scary even beyond safety concerns.

The content of the academy will equip even the novice traveler to go on their own Edumadic trip. However, for those of you that are too nervous to go it alone, you might want to consider joining one of our programs first.

Got a different question? Email us at academy@edumadic.com
"Imagine taking your entire degree online, and instead of being on campus for 4 years, you traveled the world for that time. Living on every continent, learning languages as you go, immersing yourself in different cultures, truly understanding your place in the world.

By the time you graduate you could have lived in 12 different countries, all while still getting the same degree that your peers got on campus. And, it's going to cost you the same, if not cheaper!

Not only is this an amazing, arguably life defining experience for the student, but it's overwhelmingly positive for humanity. There's no way 4 years spent like that doesn't make those students better global citizens.

That's what we're doing at Edumadic, bringing that vision into reality. In 10 years time being an Edumad will be as common as traditional study abroad is now."

Zach Clenaghan - Founder of Edumadic