Our Mission

Fundamentally change the way we both learn and travel.

We no longer have to tie ourselves to one city for four years and pay extortionate fees for the privilege of trying to broaden our minds and be useful to the world. The online education revolution means that we can educate ourselves at a time, place, and price that works for us. 

We no longer have to view travel as a hedonistic pursuit. Travel shouldn't be something to "get out of your system". It can be so much more than a few months of getting drunk on exotic beaches, taking selfies on top of mountains and wandering around temples you know nothing about. With so many careers and businesses now entirely executable over the internet, travelling indefinitely is becoming a reality for many brave and adventurous souls.

The Digital Nomad movement is thriving and growing exponentially. All the pieces are in place for the Edumadic movement to follow suit.


Meet the Team



Zach has twice been the archetypical young professional in the city of London. With a stint in both Banking and Management Consulting, Zach felt the career paths he had been sold throughout his formal education were never going to live up to his ambitions of having a fulfilling and interesting life. With this realisation he did what every reasonable person would do, quit his job and moved to Morocco in the simultaneous pursuit of self education and world travel.

To cut a long story short, 9 months into the journey, Zach had a revelation. This would have been infinitely easier with a community of like minded people working towards similar goals to travel with. From that revelation came the founding of Edumadic, a company Zach wished existed when he first started out on this journey into the unknown realm of learning online whilst travelling the world. So many of the struggles he encountered would be solved by being part of the community and program that Edumadic curates.

You can find Zach on Instagram @zachetcetc

Marc - Taj copy.jpg


After a talk at his university from a past graduate about international teaching opportunities, Marc decided that this was the path he wanted to go down. So after graduating he jetted off to China to take up a role as a Senior Calculus teacher. A role that allowed 4 months holiday a year, which Marc put to good use travelling the world. 

Marc and Zach met in a hostel in Goa at the beginning of 2016. Marc was making the most of his time off between semesters as he usually does, and Zach was travelling through India whilst studying online. By complete coincidence, they bumped into each other again at the opposite end of the country two weeks later. This time in Agra, they were both there to lay eyes on the majestic Taj Mahal. Zach actually took this picture!

Fast forward 6 months and Edumadic was well on its way to existence, and needed more crazy people to make the dream a reality. Luckily Marc was looking for a new adventure, and jumped at the opportunity to join the team!

You can find Marc on Instagram @magagnee

Mel copy.jpg


Melissa was in our brave first batch of Edumads. She had been building a successful career in publishing in New York City when she started looking for a new challenge. 

When she heard about Edumadic it presented her a perfect opportunity to take some time away from the rat race to learn some new skills and really figure out what she wanted to do.

After a life changing 12 weeks on the Inaugural Edumadic Program, Melissa's eyes had been opened wide to a whole new world of opportunity, the first of which came from Edumadic itself! When we were looking to expand the team after the successful completion of that first program, we couldn't think of anyone better than Melissa to join us!

You can find Melissa on Instagram @melissapresti



Caitlin was in our second batch of Edumads in the fall of 2017. She’d recently finished a degree from the University of Michigan majoring in Psychology.

Caitlin wasn’t satisfied with immediately moving through the typical steps that are expected of university graduates. She had several internships throughout her university years and was far from inspired by what she experienced in them. Whilst her friends were accepting typical 9-5 jobs, Caitlin wanted to take time to explore her options, the world, and herself.

Which is when she found Edumadic. A program that presented the perfect opportunity for her to do all those things. And explore she did. As with most Edumads, the program completely changed the way she thought about her future. Being exposed to an entirely different way of life, entirely new environments, and entirely new perspectives.

We saw something in Caitlin. A desire to empower people in the pivotal years of their life to make decisions that align with their purpose and potential. After countless late night, deep and meaningful conversations, we knew that we had to have Caitlin on the team. So here she is!

You can find Caitlin on Instagram @caitlinclimes