A Better Way to Study Abroad

"If you're studying online, why not do it from the beaches of Bali, the jungles of Costa Rica, or the cafes of Europe?"

Edumadic helps students travel the world while taking online classes.

We're re-designing the way students combine learning and travel.


Gap Year Programs

Our Gap Year Programs are specifically designed for high school graduates, typically 18-20 years old, that haven't yet enrolled in college.

These programs are a perfect way to spend time before college, earning credit online while living all over the world with a group of your peers.

Our Gap Year Programs all include:

  • One highly transferable three credit online college course
  • Coliving abroad
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Our Global Citizenship course
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Study Abroad Programs

Edumadic organizes and leads 4 and 6 week study abroad programs for students who want to take their college classes online while living abroad.

We organize all aspects of the program, and bring together a community of like-minded online learners for you to share the experience with.

All you have to do is bring your online classes!

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Edumadic Academy

We built the Edumadic Academy for the more independent students who want to organize their own trips.

Inside the Academy we share everything we know about traveling the world while learning online.

From researching locations, to finding the best value accommodation, all the way to what to pack and how to avoid common pitfalls that travelers make in their first days in a new location.

With the knowledge we share in the Academy:

  • You can live anywhere in the world
  • For as long as you want
  • Spending less than you would living on campus
  • While staying on top of your online classes
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Online Courses for College Credit

Not all online courses are created equal!

We've collected the best online courses for college credit on the internet. All the classes in the catalog are:

  1. Widely transferable
  2. Flexible / suitable for traveling
  3. Between $40 and $225 per credit

Check our catalog before enrolling for online classes through your home university. You may find something more suited to the Edumadic lifestyle, at a fraction of the cost!

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Online Income for Students

Using the Edumadic approach to studying abroad, you could realistically travel around the world for your whole degree, taking your college classes online while living wherever you please.

If only you could afford it! You may well be living for less than it costs back home, but you will still need at least $1,000 per month to sustain the Edumadic lifestyle long term.

Fortunately, there are many digital skills students can learn to earn money online. Take the time to learn one of these skills and spend a lifetime earning an online income, with a remote job or as a freelancer.

Fund your travels as an Edumad, and then fund your life as a Digital Nomad!

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Our Three Pillars


Learn through one of our education partners, or bring your own studies. Choose to pursue a degree, learn a practical skill, or explore a topic that's always interested you. It's up to you!


We handpick a group of inspiring, motivated, and fun people from our pool of applicants who we know you'd love to spend 6 weeks living and learning with.


We arrange all accommodation and logistics of the program, giving you the freedom to focus on working towards your goals, exploring the environments you're living in, and making deep connections with your fellow Edumads.

Bring your studies, we'll handle the rest

Accommodation & Study Space
Organization of trips and events
24/7 in person support
Language crash course
Location guides & maps
A life changing experience

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We've been running programs since 2017


"This time in a different part of the world was the perfect reset button from my stressful life at home. I loved the activities they suggested, and the foundation of our trip was perfectly curated. I personally felt like my only requirement was to show up."
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“Edumadic was one of the best decisions I could have ever made for myself. Not only am I confident traveling alone now but I finally found my passion in life.”
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"This program helped me develop the skills needed to further my education and world travel beyond Edumadic. Plus, I have another excuse to travel; to visit my fellow Edumads!”
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Erin P

“It taught me that you don’t have to choose between a dream of traveling and an education. I’ll never forget the friends I made”
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"Edumadic created an ideal environment to take a few extra courses online while living abroad. Not only were locations hand-picked to best suit the life of a travelling student, but the organization succeeded in bringing together a community of people all committed to pursuing online education."
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Cassie F

“I was drawn to Edumadic’s promise of travelling AND studying with a group of people with the same mindset as me. Not only did Edumadic deliver on that promise, they exceeded my already-high expectations and gave me one of the best experiences of my life.”
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Taylor E

“I felt I needed to further my education, but would rather spend my time travelling. The idea of doing both simultaneously had never occured to me, and this sudden opportunity to do so with a like-minded group of people was incredibly appealing.”
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“Through Edumadic, I found the confidence to work and study in different parts of the world, and thrive doing so. I fell in love with new cities, and made friends with people full of the same passion to travel, learn, and grow.”
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Erin O

“It gave me the perfect safe and supportive learning environment while encouraging me to go off and have incredible adventures with some of the most inspiring and wonderful people I’ve ever met. It was an impulse I couldn’t be more glad I followed through with and would do it again in a heartbeat.”
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“Now I can say, Edumadic was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Traveling has opened my mind to new perspectives and my fellow Edumads have inspired me to reach new levels and find my own way.”
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“Many think travelling and studying can't go hand in hand but when you are surrounded by a group of like minded people who all have their own studies to pursue it makes it possible. Through this journey with Edumadic I have made memories and relationships with people that will stay with me forever."
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“I can say that best case scenario x100 wouldn't do justice to the last three months. I formed lifelong friendships with everyone and I can't imagine not having those crazy, adventurous spirits in my life!”
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“when I heard about Edumadic it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to keep travelling whilst also really figuring out exactly what I wanted to do with my life.”
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“One of the things I like most about Edumadic was the community, all from different countries, with a desire to learn, not only from their course but from other cultures as well.”
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“Edumadic gave me the perfect balance of online studies, socialization, independence, and traveling.”
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“I’m glad Edumadic has come in, twisted my lifeline, and showed me what more is out there.”
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“Could I have done this trip alone? Yes. But after just the first day on my trip I remembered why I didn't. Edumadic is a community. We worked together, ate meals together, and even collaborated on projects.”
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“Edumadic helped me to further my international education without the price of overseas tuition. It also helped me create new friendships and memories that I hope to have for a lifetime. Most importantly, Edumadic helped me push myself to try something new, that ultimately became one of the best and most transformational experiences of my life.”
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“Edumadic has been a priceless experience and the most smooth sailing trip of my life. More importantly it has encouraged me to grow and learn, to experiment, and to reach out of my comfort zone.“
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"The balance of adventure and study was perfect, and I loved having the flexibility to study as much as I wanted.”
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“This trip changed my life in too many ways to count. It pushed me to hold myself accountable with my educational pursuits. It also gave me a support system of Program Coordinators and fellow Edumads that I know will become lifelong friends.”
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Anna J

“The new people, places, and experiences I came across in my three months with Edumadic have opened my eyes to things I never would have experienced had I stayed where I was, and I will be forever grateful for it.”
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“after leaving behind the life I had been leading the past months, I stood in the bathroom and looked at my freckled, lightly sunburned face and realized: I have changed, grown, become ultimately happier, and am slowly becoming the person I always strived to be.”
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“I made lifelong friendships with people that helped me grow, we traveled to places that I never even knew existed and I finished my two year degree all in the span of three months.”
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Allison E

“If you’ve come across Edumadic and are looking at the reviews for guidance - do it. Dive in! An Edumadic Program, regardless of location, is going to be so amazingly unique to this particular time in your life and an experience that you’ll never regret. In fact... you’re going to be ready for more in the end, just as I am!”
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Alex D

“Experiencing all these incredible things together like 2 AM hikes up a mountain to catch a sunrise that literally takes your breath away; to just having your morning cup of coffee together at the local cafe while you study, we formed bonds that reach all over the world.”
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Caitlin C

“When I first accepted my spot on the trip, I had no idea if I was making the right decision. After what I would consider to be a life changing experience, I have no doubt it was the right choice and I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about spending time abroad.”
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“It's safe to say my comfort zone has been well and truly shattered! I met lots of people who opened my eyes to the world that we live in and the opportunities available to me if I had the bravery and curiorisity to seek them out.”
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“I fell in love with the cultures I was exposed to, and found close friendships in every place we visited. Being surrounded by like-minded people from all over gave me a larger taste of the world, more than I could ever taste at home.”
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Allison C

“Between dizzyingly narrow coastal climbs, regular sunset escapes to the beach, or a good old-fashioned study session at a cute cafe, my Edumadic experience was just like what I dreamed of, and then some.”
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“The Edumadic team were always on hand which was a lifesaver on more than one occasion! It was a hell of a ride and helped me gain some much needed perspective.”
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Taylor L

“This is something I would never have done before my time with Edumadic. The whole experience allowed me to reinvent the way I study and rediscover the way I travel.”
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“Being able to combine traveling, meeting beautiful souls from all over the world and studying was a life changing experience! I wish I could do it all over again.”
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"This time in a different part of the world was the perfect reset button from my stressful life at home. I loved the activities they suggested, and the foundation of our trip was perfectly curated. I personally felt like my only requirement was to show up."
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“The opportunities for growth were endless. I was exposed to different cultures, inspiring travelers, beautiful sites, delectable food, and adventures galore all while keeping myself in check with studies and work.”
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Who is "Edumadism" for?

Online Students


Already studying online? Our programs and philosophy are perfect for you!

Simply pack your bags and either join one of our study abroad programs specifically designed for online students, or learn how to organize your own trip through the Edumadic Academy.

For you, it's simple. If all your classes are online, why not travel while you're studying? It makes no difference to your university whether you're studying from Baltimore or Bali.

Study Abroad

Traditional Students


Studying Abroad is a life changing experience.

But why is it so expensive?!

The average study abroad semester costs $18,000.

If you want to travel while earning college credit (isn't that all that studying abroad is?), then there's a better way:

  1. Enroll in a semester of online classes through your university. If that's not an option, defer for a semester and take classes through an alternative course provider.
  2. Travel! Join one of our programs or plan your own trip.

Taking the Edumadic approach to studying abroad costs a fraction of what it would to study abroad traditionally.

Study Abroad

Gap Year


Whether you've just finished high school, just graduated college, or somewhere in between, earning some college credits while living in exotic and enriching locations around the world is always a good idea.

Learn about the world by living in it. Spending a month or more living in a location (as we Edumads always do) allows you the time to truly understand the culture and what it's like to live in that corner of the world.

Learn about yourself. Living on the other side of the world, in an environment that's totally alien to you, with people you've never met, is a sure way to turbo charge your self-awareness and personal growth. For our Edumads, their time with us opens their eyes not only to other parts of the world, but otherparts of themselves that they're yet to explore.

Learn in class! Taking a gap year is often (wrongly) seen as taking time off. We know that a gap year can be the most enriching time in a young person's life. Add college credit to your time away and the benefit of your gap year will be undeniable to even the most skeptical among your friends and family.

Gap Year

Students on a Summer Break


What better way to spend your summer break than getting ahead of your graduation timeline AND living abroad?!

Whether you're a high school graduate, an online student, or an on campus student, earn college credit while living with us in one of our locations around the world.


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